17 year old Harshita Arora has her App Acquired in the Silicon Valley

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If you always try to be normal, you will never know how amazing you could actually be

– Maya Angelou.

Harshita Arora is an entrepreneur, programmer, app developer, and designer, and that’s why we choose to write about her. She is successfully ranking her app in the App store top apps. Yet there are numerous things about her that continue to surprise us.

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 At 16, Saharanpur girl builds an app that ranked second in the list of top paid apps in the Finance category on Apple’s App Store within 24 hours of its launch in January. Her journey as an app developer began when she was 15. She found her passion for designing at the age of 14. And decided to drop out of school and started following her goal. Her first project was a cryptocurrency price tracker; it tracks and updates its users about price changes in over 1000 cryptocurrencies in 32 nations.

Journey From Saharanpur to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Harshita is the only child of a stockbroker and a homemaker and doesn’t come from a background of researchers or technologists. Her passion for designing sparked from her Computer Science teacher who would give out-of-the-box projects in UI design like designing posters, imaginary apps and websites, covers for the school magazine, animated videos and more interesting work. He educated her about basic programming concepts and introduced her to Google Scratch and MIT App Inventor, where she later learned to build software.

In the year 2016, opportunity knocked her door she managed to score an internship with Salesforce in Bengaluru which became a stepping stone to her attending MIT Launch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a four-week-long entrepreneurship program.

Ideation to Innovation

The App Store is a digital distribution platform. Developed and maintained by Apple Inc., for mobile apps on its iOS operating system. The store allows users to browse and download apps developed with Apple’s iOS software development kit. As Crypto Price Tracker was her first solo project, she worked on developing the app for two-long months. She found the crypto price tracker an interesting area, considering the existing apps were either really bad or not useful. Harshita Arora’s application on iOS finally went live on 28th January 2018 and within 24 hours of launch, the app enthralled the attention of the entire world. It caught the attention mostly from the United States and Canada, hence on the very first day of launch, the app received 240 downloads, and within a week it received 1000 downloads.

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 Crypto price tracker allows users to track prices of more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies through graphs from over 18 exchanges, in 32 nations. It also got featured on Product Hunt, a well-known website that lets users share and discover a new product. This tracker allows setting price alerts and help track the user’s portfolio, and gains, as well as save cryptocurrencies. She had invested around $500 for the project.

What’s next on her plate?

Harshita Arora’s next project is based on “Image recognition and AI.” Apparently, she is learning Machine Learning and has a keen to develop applications under Food AI, where she aims that the users get a swift break down of food ingredients and nutrients through an image. It would bring a whole lot of change and can be a boon for people who suffer from food allergies. She plans to dive deep into the brain-computer interfaces (BCI) section too and never wants to give up learning.

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