Maria Casey, CEO, and founder of BUHO, an online retailer, is offering sustainable, ethical, and vintage goods for men, women, kids, and home. BUHO emerges as a secured and trusted shopping environment, as it upholds majority partnerships with Certified B companies, sourcing ethically from vintage outfitters, and showcasing top brands which share its values, including Taylor Stitch, Boyish Denim, LACAUSA, Toms, Nisolo, Corridor, MATE the label, and many more.

Customers increasingly want eco-friendly merchandises, with a recent CGS outline finding that 68% of respondents said sustainability was an essential factor in their buying decisions. But to find these products, shoppers often have to scour multiple websites. 

What Is BUHO?

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BUHO actively engages consumers with a natural, more uncomplicated, and innovative Upcycling Program. Each purchase involves a prepaid return tag for the shipment of used and unwanted individual apparel items. By participating in this program, accepted returns grant a $10 store credit on the next $50 purchase.

Meanwhile, returned clothes will be distributed and given to chosen charities. The items that are rejected are collected for recycling in a forthcoming future, establishing a company to engineer a new fabrication from the materials beginning in 2020. This circular purchase drastically minimizes the number of textiles distributed in landfills and gives brand-new life to textiles.

BUHO’s integrated marketplace also entails benefits such as carbon-neutral shipping associates, and completely compostable packaging and plantable seed tags. All commodities made from artisans receive fair rates for their business and work in a value highlighted fair trade.

CEO and Founder Maria Casey strived to implement an alternative to traditional e-commerce. Maria has over 15 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing. Casey said in an interview that BUHO was born out of the desire to make it easy and straightforward to shop well.  This company has already done the hard work for their clients, uniting the globe’s biggest ethical brands in one place. The company has been working non-stop to get only the best brands that do good for the customers and the Planet. Igniting a new era, BUHO democratizes sustainability and delivers e-commerce with a conscience.

BUHO is the first sustainable e-commerce hub for women, men, kids, and home. What began as a glimmer of an idea this past February, launched with 90 brands and over 2,000 SKUs last month.

Why BUHO Stands Out?

Casey, from the beginning, wanted to build a fully circular e-commerce enterprise, which meant ensuring and trying to make the environmental footprint smaller. Numerous brands are engaging sustainable business practices into their daily operations. And hence BUHO wanted to bring the brands into one place to make that discoverability process easier for the customer.

However, BUHO is more than that. As the Shop Good comes from making good shopping choices but also disposing of unwanted clothes properly. Most people think they are a good deed by donating their clothes to Goodwill or Salvation Army; however, the truth is almost 90% of that ends up in a landfill. Hence, at BUHO, they include return labels and do send incentives in return. People fill one of the compostable bags we included as part of their order with old clothes and stick it in their mailbox to be picked up, and we send them a store credit in return.

Current New Projects BUHO is Working

BUHO is partnering with Dress for Success and Catholic Charities and will be turning out monthly sales and promotions where a percent of profits go to their organizations. In addition to that, if the donated products from our customers meet the standards of what they need, we will distribute those clothing items directly to their organizations.

BUHO has a Backpack Drive planned to collect backpacks that they can send to the asylum seekers to carry the belongings, as they leave the shelters to their new homes, and will be volunteering in Dress for Success’ career training program.

BUHO Manages to Spread Smiles Worldwide

Casey felt a responsibility to help the community in her own away.  So she had to use the access to create a business that connected consumerism to ethics, sustainable living, and philanthropy. Our team has quarterly off-site days where we actually go down to the border to volunteer in the shelters — serving food, sorting donated products playing with the kids. They are living what they are putting out there because they believe in it.


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source- footwear news

BUHO is a fully sustainable company and started the business without plastic. Instead, they found amazing compostable packaging, but that had labels too. However, they found another vendor that made compostable labels and thus found plantable seed tags of the products.

Advice to the female entrepreneurs to help their team to thrive

Maria Casey urges one to be authentic and bold. There are no fixed criteria that women have to fit into in order to be a good mentor or leader. Maria believes to put it all out there. Maria wants her team to feel confident that they can be themselves. So Maria wants her team to speak up when they want to change a process or take a risk.

This creates a safe space for women in the workplace to feel vulnerable, get creative, and really see what they can do.

BUHO’s Main Objective

BUHO aims to break the linear retail system and create a fully circular business, offering customers amazing products, and comfortable, responsible ways to recycle old clothing. We use fully compostable packaging at Buho. We offer every customer an incentive to send us their unwanted clothing. The clothes are distributed to one of our non-profit partners or keep to turn into new materials.

Everything we market meets our very high standards, but we believe in letting you shop by what’s essential to you.

Partnerships At BUHO

BUHO is proud to open its business as a member of 1% for the Planet. Casey says they aren’t even close to perfect. They have made a commitment to be 1% better by donating 1% of all online sale proceeds from Buho. This helps protects the environment and the globe.

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