“In the event of India dealing with multiple challenges with Covid-19, including floods, locust attacks, earthquakes, we Indians have to turn crisis into an opportunity for creating Aatmanirbhar Bharat and take steps to ensure that products which we import from elsewhere are manufactured in India.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly said while addressing the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Complete and immediate recovery of the losses caused due to the lockdown is illogical and impractical. The previously used and believed methods of working are challenged and are at the threshold of change. Businesses across countries and the world seek new and unutilized paths of operations. Amidst coronavirus pandemic, the human race is divulged to brainstorm and make decisions that do not appeal to the age-old traditional working.

Different countries are giving birth to new perspectives to begin work post-COVID-19. Each country has a visionary goal to grow out of the losses and emerge victorious handling the unimaginable crisis. The growth trajectory needs upliftment for bold, fresh, and individual ideas and approaches to nullify the economic calamity. We are at the edge to imagine, create, and trade to bring back new normalcy.

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Similarly, India with the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging on the foundation of being self-reliant or independent, driving people to achieve dreams and success. Interchangeably, turbulent processes with churned plans are necessary to achieve the milestone of a self-reliant India.

What is Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan?

On 12th May 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a package of Rs. 2o lakh crores to help restore and kick start our lost economy. Sluggish business activities and reduced household consumption bought the growing economy and experts assume we are on a backward roll. Hence, this courageous step was a necessity yet a difficult one.

PM Narendra Modi said, “Need to be more vigilant as the economy as opened.”

With the gushing loss of jobs, loss in consumption, loss of livelihoods, and unimaginable loss of economy we are stranded economically.  To move forward, an Aatmanirbhar country needs an employment generation to make each one self-reliant. 

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How will the mission work?

The mission relies on a few major pillars to grow as a nation and introduce complete self-dependence. PM Modi in his 65th edition of Mann ki Baat empowered this idea and triggered the minds to people to follow the same path to procure success as a nation.

The 5 pillars of an Aatmanirbhar Abhiyan 


Building infrastructure to start factories and businesses. Also, education space to enhance the withered penetration of the importance of knowledge and methods of implementing the given knowledge. Shops, malls, residency, sports complexes, etc will generate jobs for the 122 million people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic attack.


The 2020 horoscope narrates earth as a technological residence. Technology has no boundaries and world as a global village, technology holds large standards of creating livelihoods for people. Hence, technology in regards to IT, fintech, startups, agriculture operations, science have the power to supply jobs to many.


The changing demographics of the human population is the database of new initiatives. Demography will set the foundation to understand which strata of the human population needs what. For example, a village has good agricultural grounds and water but does not have the technology to accelerate working methods, they need to be provided with what they lack. Hence, a demographic study is necessary for an Aatmanirbhar India.


Decipher the demands of people or create a demand for your creation. However, the unpopular opinion to bridge the gap of needs and wants can quantify for all sectors. Create demand for your product across the world or make what the world needs is the basic idea to create jobs and increase supply chain.


We need to grow the economy to improve the lifestyle of the common man. A society that is willing to win together and work in harmony with all their needs satisfied. To make this possible, we need to grind roller to increase the consumption power of citizens. Consumption power is undeniably dependent on jobs. Thus, generating jobs with infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand will keep our economy afloat.

Why do we need a self-reliant India?

Products from all over the world occupy greater market space than Indian manufacturers and producers, leading to loss and poverty. Furthermore, if people manufacture raw materials, end products without any international help, we can empower our people with skill, jobs, good lifestyle, and launch India as an emerging power. Atmanirbhar Bharat does not mean turning away from international trade. In fact, India soon will become the enabler of international trade by taking lead in the supply chain. 

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Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Atal Bihar Bajpayee dreamed of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Undoubtedly, washing out the wounds of the pandemic, India can strive to fulfil the dreams of our great leaders and stand tall on its feet.

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