Aatmanirbhar Innovation Challenge | Step Towards A Self-Reliant India

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GOI (Government of India) under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi is an example of building our country with vision and purpose. Following the border tensions with China, PM Modi decided to ban 59 Chinese apps in order to decrease the cash-flow from India to China which empowers China against us. This was a harsh decision but opened new doors of innovation and experiment in the country. A few days after the ban, the Modi government announced Aatmanirbhar Innovation Challenge.

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Why did Modi Government make this move?

Over the years Indian mobile apps lived under the threat of Chinese apps. the invasion clearly narrows the demand of Indian apps. Hence, this move was to encourage and empower technological enthusiasts all around the country to bring their ideas forward. PM Modi currently aims to ‘Make In India’ and the world, to mark our country as a tech-smart and self-reliant one.

After bringing to power, Vocal for Local and Aatmanirbhar Bharat, this move is specifically aligned to evolve the app ecosystem of India. Modi believes India can be well-known for its young tech enthusiasts and arise as a new superpower in the coming years.

The pandemic and serious recessive future demand smart actions from leaders. Disruption of the daily life of millions of Indians is paving the path for new innovations. The challenge plans to improve, innovate and increase the use of Indian apps that ease people’s lives.

“To facilitate their ideas and products, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology along with the Atal Innovation Mission is launching the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’,” the prime minister tweeted sharing the link to the LinkedIn post.

How will the Innovation Challenge function?

Track 1

The app innovation challenge is divided into two subsequent parts. Track 1 will identify apps that are already being used by citizens. These mobile apps have the potential to become world-class if given the right assistance. The shortlisted apps will further receive cash prices and incentives to aid the growth of the app. Track 1 of the challenge was divide into 8 subdivisions from work from home, social networking, health and wellness, business, e-learning, agri-teach, games and fintech. The aim is to build, nurture and sustain apps that can serve our citizens as well as people across the globe in future. App builders could apply form 4th July to 18th July as the deadline. The entire country and thousands of applicants await the results.

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Track 2

The second segment of the innovation challenge aims at startups, entrepreneurs and companies by offering incubation and growth of ideas for a smart well-built technological front of the country. Officials will scrutinize and roll-out applicants and offer financial aid for better building of our economy in future. PM Modi constantly urged to visualize a complete self-reliant country. Moreover, the Aatmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge is a bold and smart move to build the idea.

Government and leading tech officials of the country will scrutinize and select applicants and further make an integrated decision.

How will this affect India’s technological front?

PM Modi also took Linkedin to ask the netizens to make traditional Indian games popular via the apps. Also, he asked people to devise apps that can be helpful for rehabilitation centres. This  can help people through their counselling journeys. Learning and gaming with access to the right age group was also a part of his Linkedin post.  PM Modi’s post strongly claims that technology is the answer to many unasked questions.

The step has a sentimental background for people, addressing the issues with nations our soldiers are enduring. However, the lockdown has created an economical void that can be filled by the advancement of apps. Many apps like Kaagaz Scanner gained popularity and huge customer base soon after the ban.

Furthermore, this is a clear indication that the decision of the ban and the innovation challenge of mobile apps will shape the future of our country.