Every website or company websites have an About Us page. Despite the thought that no one reads this page, every fourth person on a website reads the About us page. For the about us, page is very important and crucial for every website. It is absolutely necessary to make a good first impression. The about us page is not only limited to that. It can help you gain the consumers’ trust and even loyalty. The way to attract a consumer is not only through the product. Here we even have some great ideas for your About us template.

Your about us page can help you make a sale as well if you let it. The about us page should essentially tell the consumer why you are there in the business. It should cover your aims and motives. Describe the passion that was crucial behind getting to the stage where the business is right now. This article’s information is going to help you make an about us page with About us templates and good examples. Rest assured, you are in good hands. When you leave this page today, you will be brimming with great ideas for your About us template. Get ready to begin the journey of decorating your About us page.

What is an About Us Template?

An About us page is a reflection of the company’s personality and character. This page can be found at the footer navigation side on a website. It is employed to allow the consumer a chance to get to know the business. Just like before starting any relationship, the two individuals involved have to get to know each other first; this is the opportunity for the consumer to get to know the company better. Simply put, the about us page is going to tell the customer what the company does. Sounds very simple right? Well, if employed properly, this about us template can work magic for building the company’s profile.

Use this to explain what sets your company apart from the rest of the crowd. Why would it be the most beneficial for the customer to engage with your company and not any other? Doing this does not forget that the primary aim of the about us template is to tell the consumer what you are selling. There has to be enough about the products and services that you offer. Otherwise, the customer will be impressed with your company for sure, but will not know what he/she is buying from you.

What should your About Us Page Include? A brief About Us Template to Follow

The following guideline for an About us template should tell you exactly how to curate an about us page.

Begin with an Attractive Headline

While ‘About us’ works just fine, the consumer is waiting to be surprised. Go beyond the common title. Think big. Try to use catchy headlines that lure the consumer towards your about us page. Try thinking along the lines of ‘Our story,’ ‘we turn eight this year,’ etc.

Explain your Pursuit

Tell the consumer about yourself and your company. Give them an idea about how this endeavor began and where it is now. Build a connection by telling them the efforts and dedication that went behind getting to where you are now. Tell them why you want them to trust you. Explain your plan, goal, mission, and aim for the company, for the consumer, and even for the society or your employees.

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This is the part of the about us template that aims at making a sale. Here the idea is to induce the consumer to buy your product or service. Tell them how their contribution will benefit the company. Focus on how the company can benefit them. After reading this section, the consumer should feel compelled to make a purchase.

History, your Story

Here in the about template, tell a great story. Every company has a story that has made it who it is today. You have to get it across to the consumer so that they feel connected to the company. This tends to humanize the company and allows the consumer to establish a proper connection. Use photos and quotes to build credibility. Seeing and looking at the people who work always makes the consumer think of the business in softer terms. They forget that the company is trying to earn profits and gives you the upper hand while pitching a sale.

Call to Action

If the consumer is at this section of the About us template, then they have been sold. They have bought the story that you were selling and will be willing to buy the product or service as well. Now they need a nudge in the right direction to use their current temperament to make a sale. Always have clear and to the point call to action in toward the end of your about us page. Tell them what they should do next. Give them clear directions to make the purchase. After reading you’re About Us page, the consumer will be convinced. You have to show them the way to the next action, or the consumer will be lost and leave without making a sale.

Keep it Short

There cannot be enough importance given to keeping the length of you about us page short. You do not want the consumer to lose interest before they get to the call to action section. If the length is too much, the consumer will lose interest and move on to something else. This will leave them unsatisfied and irritated, thinking they have wasted their time. More importantly, you will lose a sale. The entire purpose of the about us page will be void if this happens. Take great lengths of care about the length of your about us page.


If you follow the about us template that is given above, your about us page will be selling itself. Remember that no other company on this planet shares the same story as you do. Therefore you definitely have something to say. Employ this story in your about us template. They believe that you have in your company should reflect on your page. So what are you waiting for? Go design your About Us page now!

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