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At times when history achieves some extraordinary defining breakthrough, there are people who watch and the people who act. We at eBizzing are both bystanders and members in the process of shaping a new economic & entrepreneurial history. We thrive to assess, illuminate and feature the wonderful flash of innovation in each business visionary, influencer, entrepreneur and change-maker.

At eBizzing , we share inspiring stories of innovative startups and entrepreneurs.  Our passion for innovation and entrepreneurship is driving us to shed light on influencing creators and businesses around the globe. Our passion is matched by the enthusiasm to bring our peers on a single digital platform to share free-streaming ideas and dreams.

We bring you stories of entrepreneurs and innovators, funding and investments, social stories, and the first glance at the emerging trends from India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as stories of prominent and established businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

To keep up with the heavily creative and innovative minds of the business, we also publish interviews of hustle makers in the entrepreneurship & business world. Feel free to look at our interview category for in-depth knowledge right from the industry experts and achievers.

We at eBizzing are showcasing hundreds of women success stories. In our SHEro category, we bring to you thought-provoking and exhilarating success stories of women from all walks of life. Yes, it’s high time to break the stereotypes. With our inspiring SHEro stories, we are proudly inspiring all the dreaming women out there.

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