All of us have leisure time in our life. If you don’t then maybe you should schedule some time for yourself. Whatever you do in this time will take you a long way in your life.

This is your only time for self-care. You are churning the entire day to make your dreams come true but you need some time to relax and build new hobbies and do exciting things that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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If you are confused about what to do in your free time then do not worry, we have got a list of things that you can do in your free time and build your personality for the long run of your life.

1. Reading

Reading is the best thing you can do when you are free. This not only increases your knowledge but gives a sense of relaxation. The up-gradation of knowledge is very necessary, you always need that!

2. Fitness

It’s never too late to set some exercise goals for yourself. Get up and tone your body. Your body is the only thing that will last till the end. Make sure you treat it well. A small set of exercise every day is a must for every individual.

3. Listen to music

Music can heal you in a way which nothing else can. Listen to music you like and explore new genres of music every day. You can listen to jazz, Indian classical, Bollywood, salsa, street, rap and many more. You can choose music according to your mood and relax.

4. Sports

Sports is essential for everyone. If you have not indulged yourself in any sports then you are losing on a lot. Sports can give the feeling and adrenaline rush that each one must experience. Make sure you explore and try some sport or continue the sport you left behind.

5. Travel

Make travel plans for yourself or get on a trip with some friends. Travelling to different places give you new perspectives to life and things that you never thought about. So travel must be in your to-do list.

6. Social Work

Give back to humanity because that can calm your soul. Go out and help people of the slums. Educate their kids or just spend time with needy people. Help others because it’s necessary.

7. Volunteer

You can volunteer at many things. Either you volunteer at NGO’s, different event management teams, trekking groups, art groups. Just go out there!

8. Do it yourself (DIY)

You can learn a lot of DIY hacks for yourself. Learn how to maintain your cupboard or kitchen just random things that can b very useful.

9. Spend time with old friends

What better than some time with friends? Nothing can beat this time you spend with your friends. Catch up with them.

10. Give your family some quality time

Family is the most neglected part of people’s lives. So make sure you spend some happy and relaxed time with your beloved ones.

11. Gardening

Do some gardening for your lawn. This is very soothing and calming to your stressed life.

12. Learn something new

Don’t forget that you wanted to learn that musical instrument or you wanted to learn sewing. So use your free time to do all of these.

13. Meditate without fail

Sciences have proved that meditation is a beautiful thing for every soul. This gives each one relaxation and calmness to fight for everyday life.

14. Take up small courses

Take small online courses like coding, photography, designing or any of your own wish. Start doing something that you love.

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15. Try to write

Trying gives you an escape from real life. So just pull your pen and paper out and try to write.

16. Start a side business

Explore your options and start a small business or invest in your friend’s start-up that can give you an extra income. So try this out.

17. Spend time in nature

Great leaders of the world always spent time in nature. So go for evening walks in gardens or just play around with flowers in your lawn. It is a great stress buster.

18. Learn to stay away from social media

Detox yourself of all the social media addiction. Stay away from your phones in your free time and just think to yourself. Thinking is the key to innovation so do it.

19. Try to solve puzzles

Solving puzzles will declutter your minds. Puzzles like a jigsaw puzzle, sudoku, riddles, etc will help you to start that creative side of yours.

20. Dance your heart out

Just play some music and dance to it. Give me any other thing that can feel as amazing as this one!

21. Go stargazing

Plan for camping or just go to your terrace and gaze the stars. This will give you immense joy and happiness. That is what you have been seeking all this time!

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