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Knowledge is the foundational ground your success will grow on. If the ground cannot hold the roots then there will be a massive downfall. Each toddler is taught to read and study all throughout school life. But does knowledge end there? Undoubtedly, knowledge and learning have no end. The aspect of knowledge is just hiking on the mountain that has a peak no one will ever claim. Which is the best source of knowledge? Well, history has proved to us that nothing can defy the power of reading books. Well, here’s a list of amazing books every entrepreneur should read.

Reading is the closest to spiritual meditation.

Every successful person advises aspiring to at least read one page per day. They say it will build a wealth you will always own. Nobody in the lifetime can ever snatch it from you. In that case, you better make a good one for yourself.

There are different genres while reading books. Each one chooses according to their inclinations. Some read fiction while some read factual news. There is no boundary to what one should or not read. Any knowledge gained will never go off as waste.

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Furthermore, if you are someone who is about to start your entrepreneurial journey we got a list of books you should read right away. Besides, if you are an accomplished entrepreneur and have not read these books, go ahead and do it. No knowledge will fail you in the long run.

Let us discuss a few books that every entrepreneur should read.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Your habits decide your life, don’t they? Author Stephen R. Covey has written this amazing classic that reminds us how important it is to keep our habits in check. The book gives an insight into a few habits successful people diligently follow without excuses.

The author rightfully brings the platter of the importance of personal development, good communication and interaction to our table. The book strongly proposes that with practice, hard work and constant change in habits with the right philosophies intact in mid will surely get you success.

Lost And Founder

As intriguing as the title may sound, the book lives up it. The book is soulfully written, Rand Fishkin. He elaborates the painful journey of every startup owner and moulds them to reconsider each decision they make. The informative advice is of utmost importance and more precisely, it is applicable. It is not sugarcoated at any point, the book is straight reality and advises that can make your entrepreneurial journey a memorable one.

Lost and Founder is the favourite of many amongst the list of books every entrepreneur should read.

The Creative Curve

The book talks against the traditional age-old saying that states every successful person was creative in a way normal people can’t be. Allen Gannet emphasizes on the fact that none of it is true. Everyone is creative and each one can be successful. The creative curve can be worked upon by anyone with the right mechatronics and decipher the tension between the novel and the familiar. This book tops the list of books every entrepreneur should read.

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Purple Cow

Seth Godin motivates and inspires you to create something that the world cannot ignore you. Undoubtedly, Godin owns the greatest entrepreneurial thoughts and ideas. He bestows them upon you to empower and conquer. This book is a must for every entrepreneur without fail. Godin lights the path of wisdom for each entrepreneur in the world right now.

The Essays

Written by the one and only Warren Buffet. Who doesn’t know this exceptional man who made history right in front of the modern world? Warren Buffet unfolds the series of basic principles of business to you. He tells us how important it is to align all the fundamentals to enrich your business scales. Read this amazing book and maybe you might be the next Warren Buffet the world is waiting for.

The Outsiders

If you are keen to know about finance and business then this your go-to book. World’s successful entrepreneurs recommend this book to all the upcoming businesses and entrepreneurs to read it. It will open all the new dimensions of financing and business to you. Moreover, Warren Buffet who spends 80% of the day reading suggests read this book. Without any doubt, William Thorndike Jr has written a gem for all of us. This book will give a new perspective to each one of you. Hence, it is must in books every entrepreneur should read.


The entrepreneurial journey is a constant juggle to find a balance between business and life. Marcus Aurelius has written this classic book of wisdom to keep you grounded all throughout your life. It can change the way you think and bring solace to your mind. Each person should read this book without fail, it will bring value to your life.

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Read as much as you can, every book will add value to your knowledge. This gained knowledge will surely add value to your mind and life. Grab all of the above-mentioned books every entrepreneur should read.  Why would you refrain from this gift?