Talking about women entrepreneurs in India, here is a motivating story of the heroic girl, Ankita Shroff.

‘Your dreams won’t turn real unless you add action points and define milestones to them’, says the 28-year-old entrepreneur in Pune who has always been recognized for her achievements at such a young age.

Ankita Shroff, founder of the SAV chemicals has paved her way to success within a short span of time. In a society, there are very few female entrepreneurs in the manufacturing space. Ankita transformed her dream into reality in a way, no one would have thought off.

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“I wanted to break the myth that women cannot make careers in the manufacturing space. Infact50% of my production staff at SAV are women and they are smart workers”, says Ankita.

Setting up the foundation

Ankita completed the Computer Science course from the junior college at the Fergusson College, Pune post her schooling at St. Joseph’s High school in Mumbai. The young lady however realized soon that it is not always about the academics. But a well-developed personality which is essential to become successful in any field. Along with her graduation from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Ankita also took part in many extra-curricular activities and bagged down the ‘Best All Rounder of MIT, Pune’ award.

She knew that this world has something bigger for her and that made her head to the Imperial College, London for an MSc in Management.

Meeting the teachers – Experience and Exposure

The internship project with Rolls Royce was the experience Ankita cherishes till date. It gave her the exposure she required before starting as an entrepreneur with knowledge on the workflow of companies, strategies, planning, and production. Post the internship, Ankita started assisting her dad, JP Shroff with his real-estate business where she interacted with different clients and got a better hold on how to deal with people.

“Meeting people and networking always helps. You learn different ways of interacting and convincing people”, shares Ankita.

The initial journey: Dreams to Reality

In April 2014 when Ankita started with SAV, the journey was a bumpy ride. From ensuring the right talent was hired to choosing the right place for an office, from doing the paperwork for imports to taking care of laws and Indian taxation she was involved in everything.

“I had very little knowledge about all formalities and paperwork required by the Government but I am thankful that I always had people to guide me and I learned every day from them”, recalls Ankita.

SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of instant adhesives and caters to the majority of Indian demand. It is a joint venture with Cartell Chemicals, a Taiwan-based adhesives company. SAV as a team solely believes in women empowerment and multi-tasking.

Way Ahead…

There is a lot that our lady plans for the future. She soon will be focusing on industrial adhesives for automobiles, electronics, rubber, and shoe industry. At the personal front travelling and exploring nature is on her agenda and she keeps adding destinations to her travelogue.

Ankita Shroff’s journey is the right example to show that success does not need any age factor nor it needs luck.

“You and only you are in charge of your destiny and success”, says Ankita.

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