Are You An Influencer? Join The Affiliation Program By Amazon

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Over the years of modernized marketing approaches and programs, Amazon currently holds a count of 156 million Prime users across the world. Launched on 5th July 1994, it is currently one of the leading e-commerce sites. The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos and the team have a wider spectrum of vision, backed by a unique innovation, and a strong operational unit which is known for introducing new platforms for the growth of its brand and people. Undoubtedly, with an effort to improve the review of its listed products, Amazon recently launched an amalgamated marketing strategy with social media influencers. 

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The massive population associated with different social media sources, Amazon devised a well-organized program to increase sales on its platform. The Amazon Influencers Program is based on influencer marketing and earning money. Influencers who qualify for this program can earn commission through each sale made by their review. If you are a social media influencer with 10k+ followers, this plan is precisely designed for you!

Qualifying Criteria For Influencers

Though the program is surprisingly easy to register, it comes with a set of qualifying limits.

Without a doubt, an influencer needs to be active on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with a minimum of 10k followers. Similarly, a high number of YouTube subscribers is also a significant requirement by Amazon to enroll for the influencer’s program. However, fewer followers but great customer engagement and a loyal customer base can also get in the program. Parameters considered by Amazon are the number of customers, customer engagement, quality of content, and relevancy with Amazon products. An influencer should fit in with the mentioned benchmark. Commitment also plays a vital role. A lively social media profile is an essential norm as well to prove that the influencer is committed to regular content updates.

What will the Influencers Get?

Each Amazon Influencer will get its own page on the website with an exclusive vanity URL. The page will serve as an inventory for all the followers and will include all the products the influencer plans to promote and market. This is a major plus point for the influencers who get the liberty to decide which product they wish to advertise on Amazon under their name.

Each sale through the influencer store page will earn a substantial amount of commission. Besides, the commission is based on the type of product sold. The commission rates range from 10% for Amazon’s personal fashion line and 1% for consoles and video games. Influencers on average can earn up to $1500 per month.

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How to start the process?


Influencers need to apply for the Amazon Influencer Program and add the URL link of their social media handle with the highest number of followers. Amazon will study the various metrics of their profile and approve applicants’ requests accordingly. This process takes up to 5 days or a week.

Decide The Products for the Store

One needs to make a store of products that they wish to promote and sell once amazon assigns the influencer with an exclusive URL. This is storefront given to every influencer of the program.

Customizing the Store

Just like any social media profile, the Amazon store also needs customization. One can add photos and bio for each of the products.

Promote The Products

Social media influencers have to promote the products to achieve greater customer engagement with an aim to maximize sales. Creating content and uploading in time is the prime task of an influencer.

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Earn Commission

For every sale, influencers earn a cut. They can sell bounties as well as products. Amazon offers various curated programs known as bounties. For eg, a 30 day trial for Amazon Audiobooks. If the influencer gets any follower to onboard an Amazon Business Account then they earn a cut of $15 and on a Twitch Account, they earn $3.

Why did Amazon Start this program?

It is proved that recommendations from a friend or someone we look up to generate a greater impact on the minds of people. Hence, rather than amplifying the already existing marketing strategies, Amazon decided to make the perfect fortune with the use of influencers and social media. In the past few years, the culture of bloggers and influencers created a boom in their own unique ways of selling and promoting products.

Difference between Amazon Affiliates and Influencers

Amazon influencer is an advanced version of the already existing affiliates program. However, the affiliates program did not offer an exclusive amazon store. Followers had to head to Amazon and search for the product which led to tiring and time-consuming work for people planning a purchase. This process did not work out well and it was difficult to attract more traffic as hyperlinking is not possible on Instagram and video content.

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Amazon influencers program is a well-curated and professionally designed program. Furthermore, influencers can earn and Amazon will widen the customer reach according to the different niche segments. It is perhaps a win-win situation for both parties.