Artificial intelligence is the cognitive performance of human intelligence and machine technology coalited by computer systems. According to the need and the service, humans create computer systems that can collect data, understand, analyze, reason, correct and give feedback. This has given us many artificial intelligence examples of business being used extensively.

Since the last decade, the world has witnessed a gradual but enormous increase in the use of artificial intelligence across all the segments of businesses. Moreover, there is an extensive use of artificial intelligence. This is the best result of digitalization and human intelligent workforce working together and bringing out of the best of technology.

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AI has is a beneficial boon to quite a few business ideas. Let’s go through a few of the best examples of artificial intelligence in business and computer systems for the betterment of digitalization.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Spam Filters

The core of artificial intelligence runs by learning, specifically happens to be machine learning. With the consistent use of machine learning the computer systems become smarter and smarter.

With spam emails and messages bringing a great concern to companies and customers. As a result, there was a desperate need for attention to this matter.

Since spammers are bringing new and innovative ways to cheat humans. Spam filters using artificial intelligence did something that no huge groups of people would have been able to keep up with.

AI in the spam filters checks the necessary database i.e location of the sender, keywords in the subject, etc. The human feedbacks are of great use to this purpose. With this, there is a segregation of spam and important emails/messages.

Ola and Uber

Without the use of artificial intelligence, there would be no concept of ride-sharing or strangers driving strangers home with safety assurance.

In short, artificial intelligence configurates the commands and executes the various booking process. The driver’s information, locating a cab, the estimated arrival, fare prize, etc are all determined by the use of artificial intelligence.

Sending across each information from the driver’s phone to the user’s phone takes place with the help of machine learning. This is best examples of artificial intelligence in business.

Social Networking Sites

After the smart phones, something that is equally important is the social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have made their respectful places in people’s lives and the various types of businesses.

The construction of Facebook is in such a way that the algorithms identify your likes and dislikes according to our use. These social media sites also know the friends you regularly interact with and whom you ignore, thereupon placing their posts at the top or later according to your use and wish.

Finally, this all has been possible only with the intelligent use of machine learning and specific algorithms.

Personal Assistants

In this era, when each one of us owns a smart-phone we all have personal smart assistants. Apple is empowered with Siri whereas the android works with Ok Google, these are personalized assistants to make phone calls, set alarms, search for information online, schedule events, etc. In short anything, we ask them to do via the smart-phone.

Surprisingly, Siri is powered with a voice recognition unit all the time which efficiently works during all processes of the mobile. Your speech is corresponded by Deep Neural Network (DNN).

The language interpretation, command and information are also processed with the AI and cloud computing working cohesively. One of the perfect examples of artificial intelligence in business.

Online Banking

A few years ago, did you ever think that you would be able to transfer money to people without actually being in the bank? All thanks to the prevailing online banking offered by almost each bank today.

The most time consuming and boring procedure has been made easy by various platforms like GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

After all, this has been possible only because of software-based identity verification which is an artificial intelligence computer system. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) identifies your account and the receiver’s account and easily transfers the money.

All thanks to online banking for saving a lot of time and also for saving us from the long queues and boring procedures.

AI Robotics and Humaniods

Once only imagination, but now robots are for real. Every new business is looking for ways to use the robots.

AI robots come in diversified range of shapes, sizes and also their use. IRobots Roomba 980, uses their robots to clean the floors. With the AI software, the robots can sense the room size, flooring type, etc after analyzing every aspect it cleans according to what suits them best.

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Alibaba extensively sells waiter robots to various places. Restaurants use these robots to serve food on the tables and to get the plates back. Office working spaces also use these robots to send and bring documents to various cubicles and desks.

Automatic Responders

Different companies design automatic responder

s according to their use. Food chains use this algorithm to take orders from people and deliver it to them.

Whereas, some businesses use to collect complaints from their customers or also to seek feedback from them. This is undoubtedly the most used examples of artificial intelligence in business.

Many sim card companies design responders related to specific regions to communicate well with their customers. For example, Maharashtra has Marathi response but a Gujarati caller will get a response in the language of Gujarati. This use of artificial intelligence has helped the companies to evolve.

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There are many such examples of businesses that use artificial intelligence in the best possible way. I hope by the end of this article you understand how important artificial intelligence is for our digitalized world.

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