How To Avoid Getting In Spam Traps During Email Marketing

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Since the increase in email marketing and exchange in the mails, the problems associated with it have also seen a rise. If you are into email marketing you should consider the problems related to it. If you fail to address these problems than you will see a prominent fall in your email engagements and maybe you will lose quite a few customers.

With this, spam traps of emails are a huge problem recently. If not considered and solved then in near future you will not be able to send emails at all. Hence, you should consider spam traps and work towards tackling it at the right stage.

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To tackle spam traps let us first understand what are spam traps.

What are spam traps?

Spam traps are the email addresses that have been formed to monitor the spam-sending of emails. Security organizations and Internet Service Providers (ISP) usually hold these email addresses. They are not used for any sort of communication but to ensure that customers inbox is not filled with unfiltered emails.

How do you know that your emails might get into spam traps?

  • Even if it is a real email address, it does not belong to a person.
  • These emails show no opens and no customer engagement in the last 1 year or 6 months.
  • There is no outward or personal communication from these email addresses.
  • If you are not following the right email marketing etiquettes
  • Also, if you fail to keep a clean and proper emailing list.

These are a few pointers of spam traps. If you are not following the right methods of email marketing then you might fall prey to the spam traps and lose all your email marketing rights.

How to avoid spam traps?

There are a few ways you can avoid the spam traps and continue with your email marketing without any trouble.

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Let us see how you can avoid spam traps. 

Do Not Purchase Email Lists

This is probably the worst idea as an email marketer. This includes people who have not signed up to receive emails from your company. The percentage of no open ups and no engagement might rise due to non-interested customers. This will be a major reason for the spam traps to be attracted to your email address.

Always verify your email list

You should double-check each person you add to your list whether it is a real human being or not. This is a menial task but important to keep your email marketing authentic and running.

Know Whether Your Customers Are Interested

You should know that each member in your list is interested in your receiving your mails. If each member opens your emails then it increases open ups and engagement. This is the most effective way to gain all the ISP’s trust and avoid getting into spam traps.

Maintain Consistency

If you sent very few mails then it is possible that your customers might forget about you. But also if you send too many emails then it becomes irritating for the consumers. This might make the customers unsubscribe from your email list. In both ways, you are at the risk of losing customers and getting into the sight of spam traps. Hence, it is necessary that you maintain consistency in email marketing.

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Keep the Unsubscribe Option Available

If some customers want to unsubscribe from your list then they should be honoured and given the option to do so. Keep all the options for your customers to make them feel secure and sound working with your company. This is a very important aspect to let your customers feel safe. If there is no unsubscribe option, then the open ups will go down and will attract the spam traps to your account. Hence, take precautionary measures.

No Hard Bounces

If you feel that any of your email member lists is no more interested or not an active domain, remove it immediately. You never know whether the domain has expired or just not interested in your emails. Do not take a chance to increase your no open ups.

Monitor your Click Rates

If it has been a long time that some of your subscribed customers are not opening your emails for a long time then you should consider asking them about it. If they are no more interested then you should remove them out of your list and make sure your click rates and open ups do not deteriorate.

What happens if you are caught in a spam trap?

  • You will hamper your reputation with your customers which is not a good sign for your company.
  • If the spam traps wish they can put your emails on hold for an infinite time.
  • It might take up to 6 months to recover your reputation if hit by a spam trap.

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Now you know what are spam traps and how you can avoid spam traps. Hope this information proves helpful to you. Make the best out of this information.

All the best!