How Can You Benefit From WhatsApp Web Dark Mode?

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The latest ‘Dark Mode’ update on WhatsApp has managed to amaze the users after the Company has undergone months of trial and error to make it available for both Android and iOS. This feature was introduced In March 2020 and has now been enabled across all platforms. Moreover, the WhatsApp Web too can also enjoy this privilege. Whatsapp web dark mode was a much-awaited update across the world.

The aspect rolled out with beta software update and the world has accepted the new innovation with open arms! Delighted to explore the extreme benefits of the dark mode, users all over the globe are sharing various experiences showcasing the use of this secret ingredient. Android 10 and iOS 13 too are accessible to the latest WhatsApp update.

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There are innumerable advantages of the dark mode. Read more to understand the in-depth analysis of WhatsApp to release the element of surprise.

Benefits of WhatsApp Dark Mode

The company recently stated, “Dark Mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look on a familiar experience. It is designed to reduce the strain on the eyes.”

Study reports, people turn down the screen brightness to a minimum during the night as it causes irritation and difficult for the eyes to read. After research and understanding, the company settled to a conclusion with the necessity of dark mode for the digital world.

Most teens and now adults, pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, are glued to screens even at nights. People study, work, or scroll through social media posts for long hours. The brightness of the screen caused many problems for mankind making it challenging to work late nights, perhaps, many platforms have adopted the new dark mode technique to offer an uncommon sense of practice for users. 

Reduction of Blue Light

With dark mode, there is an emission of blue light which is considered quite harmful for the human eye. Prolonged exposure to blue light causes macular degeneration which can be fatal eye disorder in later age. Children are more vulnerable as tender retina absorbs more blue light. Dark mode omits such detrimental cases.

Uses Less Power

Dark mode tends to use ample electrical power. Environmental distress can be avoided with the use of dark mode. Furthermore, there has always been a need to save energy and promote the use of sustainable methods. WhatsApp Dark Mode will contribute to the larger causes of the world.

Improved Sleep Cycle

People experience deprived sleep cycles with the use of electric gadgets. The existing combination of pure black and white light leads of screens to eye fatigue and tends to obstruct the regulation of melatonin. The melatonin hormone is secreted by the pineal glands and is directly concerned with regulating the sleep cycle of humans.

Hence, WhatsApp launched a dark grey background and off-white combination that eventually decreases the screen glare and modifies the eye stress.

Increased Readability

Have you ever noticed that your eyes cannot handle the screen glare when you get up from your sleep? The current combinations are quite hash to our delicate eyes. There is a visible effect on the readability. We tend to miss out on words while reading due to the extreme screen glare. Dark Mode gives the power to change the dull screen contrast.

Information Hierarchy

WhatsApp stated, “We wanted to help users easily focus their attention on each screen. We did this by using colour and other design elements to make sure the most important information stands out.”

Display Flaws

Instances that are screen defaults show up on the bright screen and we cannot avoid it. But with dark mode, any kind of pixel of screen disorder can be substituted.

How to enable the dark mode?

Following a few simple steps will open the doors to the much-awaited dark mode on your WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp on your device
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Chats
  • Select Theme
  • Lastly, click on Dark.

If you do not see the following options then you should update your app to Android 10 and iOS 13. This is available on the beta version of the software for both the operating systems. Keep rechecking for the beta upgrade on your phones to get access to the amazing Whatsapp web dark mode.


With a researched and well-designed interface, WhatsApp Web Dark Mode seems the most attractive update of the app. The leaked screenshots of the dark mode went viral on social media. The suppressed stress on the eyes is a relief to many working long hours with gadgets.

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Numerous social media platforms like Facebook also launched the same feature. As per experts, slowly but steadily the web world will move to dark mode abiding by its benefits to humans.