What is a business game?
A business game is a training ground for people who intend to understand the aspects and procedures of a forming business.

The budding entrepreneurs of businessmen prefer to play numerous games and attain information and knowledge through these virtual stops. One can play these games and become completely aware of the strategies, aspects and models of the different business industries.

Today, we will understand a few business games that have surfaced in the year and all the upcoming businessmen should take a look at these.

Youtubers Life

Planning to become a youtube influencer? You should check out this game for a better understanding of a real-time Youtuber. This game gives an insight into the daily requirements of being a Youtube sensation.

You have to do everything that a Youtuber does daily. You have to increase your subscribers, views etc and also juggle your daily life. With this game, you will increase your ability to handle more than one thing at a time. Once you have many followers and subscribers you will go to concerts and different events.

This is also a part of the game. With regular use you can the ace the art of being a YouTuber and once you are done. Do with your real-life because you already know the drill.

Planet Coaster

You think you have the skills of construction and management. This PC game is just the right place for you. Firstly, you have to start building a theme adventure park with your tactics and strategies. You have to manage the construction ideas and process.

Gamers will be provided with a decent chunk of investment. You have to build an empty place with scenery, games and many other things to attract customers.

Each one of are competing with Disneyland and you got to be better than that! If you want to try it, then download it and get your ideas rolling.

Two-point Hospital

Want to be a doctor without going to a medical school? This is fun and interesting. The game offers you a platform where you have to build a hospital and work towards making it a better one. You have to train your employees or staff and make a constant effort to bring happiness to patients and the employees.

Furthermore, you also have tasks to think about medicines or cure to unusual diseases and try to eradicate it from society. This is a very engaging challenge and interests many people. The entire process of the game will improve your thinking capability, managing people and considering the happiness of people.

Oxygen Not Included

This game is going to build to tackle stress and pressure that many business people face in their journey. In this game, there are a few unfortunate dwarfs that are at a non-operational location with no survival strategies or kits.

You have to engineer and build pieces of equipment that will help them survive according to a certain location. It can be an asteroid, a deserted jungle, a never discovered desert, etc.You have to build types of equipment that suit the weather and the other factors of the place. It is challenging yet very interesting, you have to build a settlement that has no problems whatsoever.

There are challenges that you will have a broken pipeline, seeping sewage, dripping ceiling etc. You have to make sure everything is checked and repaired in the given time with your ideas and creativity.

Junkyard Tycoon

Crazy about cars and automobiles? Get your hands on them and try to understand the working of the car and automobile industry. You can build your own yard business of cars. Players can scrap parts than buy and sell them. There are also opportunities that you can also talk to other vendors dealing in similar products.

This enhances your strategy making and will help you make better decisions with business in real-time. Amazing sound effects and thrilling graphics will never get you bored with this game.

Rise of the Industry

Being an industrialist is no joke. You have to be upfront and on your toes all the time. If you want to learn how to ace the art of being an exceptional industrialist than nothing better than Rise of the Industry.

You will be allowed to understand the market, find the gaps in the market and make deals with people that will help you grow your business. You have to build an empire with factories, roads, malls, home schemes, everything you can imagine doing.

This will be your best bet when you go out in the real industry. You will be already aware of the challenges that one has to face during the reign of building an empire.

Prison Architect

A prison? Yes, you heard it right. You will be a responsible prison operator and manage everything at a prison. You have to keep the supplies intact, hire the right people, clear the bills, security for the prison, maintenance, etc under your supervision. Above all, when your starts filling with inmates you have to create the right atmosphere to keep them happy and content.

Job Simulator

Come experience the life of the 2050s. This is an amazing game to indulge in the era of robots. In 2050, all the human works have been taken over by the robots hence, there is no work to do for humans. If the humans want to try different works of the office, hospital or household chores than he can do it as a robot.

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