We all love money; we save it, are conscious in spending it and wish our money expands every day but there are very few who make their money multiple even when they are sleeping!

Though we agree that the part of that hate might have come from the phobia of all things quantitative and the rest of it might be the realization that at the end of it all, our financial worth all boils down to a mere number; a number that looks either low and humiliating or high and mighty enough to cause divide with people who have less.

And even after we have come to terms with the existence of that number, there’s this added fear that with a wrong click of the mouse we can erase years or generations worth of accumulated value. On the other hand, lies an inkling that next week, next year or the next generation of our families won’t be as well-off as they might have been with the simplest investing program designed to capture a rising tide of investments.

There’s only one solution to all these problems and that is – CONSULT A GOOD FINANCIAL ADVISOR. Now, how exactly must one find a good advisor in this world of commission aided fraudsters?

If you are also riddled with all these worries, fret not! We have come up with a list of our best recommended financial advisors in India that you should definitely give some attention to!

The Best financial advisors of India:


Melvin Joseph 

Melvin Joseph, who is based in Navi-Mumbai, quit his comfortable job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream at the age of 42. He is also one of the earliest RIA’s to register with SEBI.

Melvin Joseph is now one of India’s first SEBI registered investment advisor and founder of FIN-VIN. That too, without any direct or indirect ties with product commissions. Taking a head dive into ‘fee-only’ service was his motive. His journey is an inspiring tale of going from struggling to find new and steady clients to becoming one of the most successful, yet ethical and affordable fee-only financial advisors in India and dare we say, the world.

Despite all the success, he remains to be a simple man. His advice to sustain this field is to be prepared for a three-year gestation period and then the business will start to boom.  He humbly asks to contact him at [email protected] if anyone is interested in becoming a fee-only planner.


Vipin Khandelwal

Vipin Khandelwal, founder of UNOVEST, realized that there wasn’t a single platform that would help people to invest in direct plans of zero-commission plans for all mutual funds. He came to this conclusion while working as a SEBI registered advisor and after working with probably more than 500 clients. Hence, he founded UNOVEST.

Charging only the fee for planning and the tools provided, UNOVEST claims to be tracking over Rs 400 crore in assets and expects to double this figure in the coming year.

“This is after a massive cleanup of inactive accounts which is something we keep doing regularly as the best practice,” Vipin says.

Great to consider for your financial planning, works with a clear cut plan which is focusing on helping investors think long term and also generate behavioral alpha.

UNOVEST works to use a mix of content, data, technology, and human advisory to allow the investor to achieve this alpha. Currently, though, the company offers services in only mutual funds but is aspiring to explore other options too. UNOVEST hopes to instill good investing habits amongst the people. “This simple step can help to bring additional returns and most importantly, peace of mind. Our big goal is to serve 1 million customers in the next few years,” Vipin adds with determination.


Ujwal Jaitwar

Ujwal Jaitwar is a godsent for people who are conscious about their future plans. Mr. Jaitwar is a proud founder of an intellectual capital firm WealthCare Corporation. Wealthcare Corporation specializes in Retirement and Insurance Planning. His strong base of clients vouches for his valuable pieces of advice and consultations about achieving their financial and retirement goals without having to take unnecessary risks.

Ujwal Jaitwar believes in helping clients understand their goals by implementing various techniques such as ‘’Thinking Process’’ and ‘’Priority Analysis”.  Such methods have helped the clients to think strategically about their future and take calculative decisions so that their financial plans right now, result in their future just as they imagined; better, secure and excitingly different from right now. He always comes up with unique strategies for his clients so that they can take their financial investments to a higher level.
For his creativity, excellence and the fruitful efforts that he’s put into Retirement Planning, he’s been awarded the ‘Excellence Award’ from the Institute of Excellence.

When asked about his insight about the industry and his working style, Jaitwar says ” I strongly believe that Trust and Relationship nurtures a something of great value.”


Shilpa Wagh

From an IT professional to a well known ‘Fee-only’ Financial Planner, Shilpa Wagh is a perfect example of pursuing what one’s heart wants. Shilpa is a Mumbai resident and is part of the ‘Fee-only India’ movement to support and serve advisors and investors in the industry.

Being a SEBI registered investment advisor was a very well-thought-out decision for Shilpa with constant support from her husband. Being from Science and IT sector, it became easy for her to serve her client base because she had been in their shoes before. You can check out Shilpa Wagh’s website here: Wagh financials

Wagh financials are experts in financial planning, mutual fund portfolio analysis, and estate planning. Shilpa can also help in case you need the advice to pursue your career in ‘fee-only’ financial planning.

Vikram Krishnamurthy

Based in Coimbatore, Vikram is the founder of a Fee-Only Financial Planning firm, called INSIGHTFUL.

INSIGHTFUL is built on a basic uncompromising foundation that includes being completely unbiased and honest about financial advice. Having identified that there is a lot of value to be created for individuals by providing unbiased financial advice and wealth management service, he founded his own firm in 2014 continuing his contribution to the finance sector since 2006. He is an ‘MBA in Finance’, and post-graduation in ‘Financial Planning’ from Canada. In addition, he worked as a ‘Certified Financial Planner’ there for almost 8 years.

Since he has worked for international banks and the government, he harbors a keen understanding of both Indian and international markets and products. Having served more than 500 clients through INSIGHTFUL, he is passionate about personal financial management and advocates strongly for financial advice that focuses solely on the individual.

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Preeti Zende

One of the top registered investment advisors India has, Preeti is an advisor and planner and has been working in the financial services industry for 3 years. Founder and owner of Apana Dhan Financial Services, Associate of Insurance Institute of India. 

She offers complete Financial solutions for all her clients financial worries. She works with her clients and together they plan their finances better. She enables them to make well-informed financial decisions by making them aware and giving them an experts’ point of view when they need it. She is skilled in Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Personal Finance, and Wealth Management. She is a seasoned Personal Finance Professional with versatile experience in the Insurance and Mutual Fund industry. 

She holds an Associate’s degree focused in Insurance from Insurance Institute of India (AIII) and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance.

Upasana Mondal

Upasana is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a member of Insurance Institute of India, (FIII) recognized by Govt. of India, IRDA and insurers in India and abroad and also holds a MBA. 

She has worked with Canara HSBC Life Insurance, and also with Ameriprise and led financial planners in the US with them. She has worked on more than 500 financial plans for Indian and US clients collectively. She works independently and provides her clients  holistic planning solutions. She also has services specifically for individuals who are new and inexperienced. She can hand-hold as well as give expert opinions. 

She is not associated with commissions from products so that her clients get unbiased advice.

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