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best startups culture?

A startup is an entrepreneurial venture, a newly established business that demands a competent and scaled validation of its company model. Best startups demand a culture that is adaptable and acceptable by the employees & employer. It encourages you to recruit the most suitable people for the company and thus enables you to motivate them in the long-run.

However, company culture is driven in these startups, particularly in their early stages, by their founders. Anyone engaged in a startup, or any early-stage company, definitely should address how they want their organization’s environment to grow. It’s often challenging, mainly if there are only a handful of employees in the company. The entrepreneur should set forward company values, its ethos, and thus focus on culture as those initial times often help set the tone within the company for years to come.

The Best Startups Are Building A Better Work Culture

Entrepreneurs should spend time to get the right values, hire candidates who fit in the company’s culture. Applicants who can blend themselves in the ecosystem and can focus on making your business something that reflects the high morale of the founders should be preferred. Thus, what attitude founders present is often found as unwritten company values.

So yes! Startup cultures are more than just Friday clubs, team lunches, foosball tables, and a place for fellowships to bloom. It’s about the dedication of the team and the individual work and effort you put into a startup.

Top 10 Startups of USA | 2019

The 10 best startups of USA that you could look for.

TransferGo | Fintech Startup

Starting with basically zero capital on 18 September 2012, TransferGo is in the fin-tech sector has experienced phenomenal success. TransferGo is a global money transfer organization that allows its users to transfer money from one country without paying excessive transaction fees to banks. Their solution to this problem was modern and innovative. The company has raised $41 million in Series C funding to expand into more markets.

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Image source- globalfromasia

The service has licensed under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and can transfer money worldwide with the help of a digital account-to-account business model. They offer their services in almost 30 countries, expanded its mobile applications, and hence added additional language options to their website. It charges a small fixed fee and currency conversion fees of 0.6% to 1.5%.

Alpaca | AI-Based Startup

Alpaca is a multi-portal Artificial Intelligence trading platform for investors and traders. Unlike conventional dealing programs, AlpacaDB prefers Artificial Intelligence technology. Alpaca uses deep learning for guiding users, allowing them to make their own efficient algorithms for trading. The users need not learn to program because the system does the work for them by using drag-drop features. Alpaca has raised $6 million from D4V and Archetype Ventures for the growth of the company.

Image Source- thebridge

Highspot | Sales enablement software

Highspot is one of the best startups in 2019. It has recently raised $35 million funding in a Series C round. This remarkable startup received funding from OpenView VC fir, where large organizations like Salesforce and Madrona Ventures were present. Highspot has accomplished positive recognition, as big organizations like Twitter, Siemens, and Dropbox, are using this startup’s services to their benefit. Highspot apparently has over 90% monthly recurring users and offers support in more than 125 countries.

Image source- Medium

Front | Cloud Bases Startup

The Front is a five-year-old startup that is revolutionizing the way organizations work in 2019. The tech startup is recognized for creating a shared-inbox platform that enables teams to handle incoming messages in a seamless way. In the year 2018, Mathilde Collin, the CEO of Front raised over $66million from multiple investors in a Series B funding round.

Image Source- frontapp.com

This modern startup combines messages from four channels, including texts, email, social media, and Slack, at a single place. Thus this is the whole reason why it’s in our list of best startups.

Botsify | AI Chatbot Startup

Botsify is an AI chatbot builder through which you can use to create a bot for your Slack, messenger, or chatbot for a website. This platform makes the process of creating chatbots simpler for anyone.

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Image source- Botsify

This platform automates the Facebook chatbot creation process. Thus, this means any individual or company can create their own bot in just a few clicks. They don’t have to code on their own web host, instead, notify does that for them. They can also enter their own questions, and command the bot according to their needs. The application creates as many bots as one likes and is totally customizable for greeting messages and other commands.

Dandelion |Geothermal Energy Startup

As constructions in the United States account for 39% of carbon emissions, and a considerable volume occurs from cooling and heating. Dandelion is one of the best startups, as it is focusing on geothermal pump installations to secure energy from below the Earth’s surface to keep homes cold and hot during many seasons. The company is also working to produce hot water for homes within the United States. It has received a vast fund of $6.5 million from Ground Up Ventures.

image source- Dandelion

Kathy Hannun, CEO of Dandelion, said in an interview that they started the business because millions of homeowners were using expensive, truck-delivered fuels, thus installing a geothermal heat pump is a more straightforward and more affordable process.

How to Build the Best Startup Culture?

Startups have an incredible ability to build a culture of compassion that encourages us to progress. In doing so, we are more inclined to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s possible to establish a business, help people, and enjoy work at the same time.

How we approach, our job is often as outstanding as the work itself because of the way we greet each other, our shared environment, and the way we cooperate shape us as people. Each day there would be new challenges and targets to fulfill and new things to create.

Thus, for the best startup culture, there is no instruction booklet. Each member creates “the culture.” Each representative has an impact on the hard work, dedication, appetite, and responsibility for learning and enhancing the company. In fact, with your commitment and enthusiasm, you make the culture. If you do not like traditional methods and rules, startups are a place for you!

Does your startup match into any of these categories? Are you working for a fantastic startup company? Let me know in the comments!

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