However, cryptocurrency and digital transformation are helping each sector to expand and grow businesses. Blockchain startups have been a major key point in this drastic change.

Simplifying computer operations and storing data with multiple copies has proved essential to each sector of industries.

Let’s check out a few blockchain statrups in India and across the world.


LeewayHertz is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. This company gives solutions to all blockchain-related problems. They help you develop and give start to end services to start your domain for a blockchain startup or to use blockchain technology in your existing business.

A blockchain startup to choose the best blockchain platform for your business.

Primechain Technologies

A Pune, India based blockchain startup is the best option for all banking systems of India. Primechain mainly focuses on the banking sector. Indeed it looks for loopholes in the system and tries to find solutions to it.

They have a chain of almost 27 banks across India and South Asia. Indeed they have proved a boon to authentication, storage and also verification of bank data.

The KYC (Know your customer) is a Primechain developed technology. They have also filed a US patent for the same.

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DACSEE is an autonomous ride-sharing service/app. Undoubtedly, it is first of its kind. Without a doubt, this startup does not need any other corporate input for their business.

Launched last year in Malaysia, DACSEE is now making news in the blockchain industry. It uses the Ethereum platform to manage its money transfer services. Ehtereum is a leading cryptocurrency platform.


Conseys is an education and development agency. They develop blockchain applications for a secure and efficient system or business. Furthermore, they have an online education platform to teach people about blockchain and its uses.

Conseys is also known for its investments in upcoming blockchain startups. With the addition, they also provide Ethereum enthusiasts with the necessary tools and types of equipment.

Sofocle Technologies

Sofocle has its expertise in finance and supply chain. They cater to the best designs and developers for the finance sector. Moreover, we can see their spread in healthcare and manufacturing as well.

Particularly based in Delhi-NCR, Sofocle is developed using Hyperledger by Nidhi Charmia.


Bluezelle is a new and amusing startup each one should know about! Did you ever think you can rent space on your computer? Indeed that is what Bluezelle does. They rent out spaces on computers to businesses to save their data.

Not only does this help to have multiple copies of the data but also eliminates the risk of losing the data in times of breakdown. Based in Singapore Bluezelle is unquestionably one of the best of blockchain startups.


Altoros helps organizations adopt blockchains and scale greater heights of business. This is an US-based company with the right consultation programs and the best development software.

Without a doubt, Altoros will help you take a deep insight into your new product and the necessary blockchain investments. Besides that, they help to evaluate the product designs and software designs.

Cateina Technologies

Nonetheless, when you trade business there is always a doubt about the transactions. Cateina technologies can be your saviour for a hassle-free trade transaction.

Despite being founded 2017, it is one of the best blockchain startups. They have automated software to keep each transaction encrypted but still known to each involved in the business.


Connecting travellers with service providers, this is one of the most innovative blockchain startups. This blockchain startup focuses on leveraging the unexplained problems of commission, taxes and fake reviews and photos.

Tripio aims to make travel less expensive and affordable to all travellers. Undoubtedly, this program is based on the smart contracts Ethereum platform.


Nevertheless, Solulab aims to give solutions to every system related problems web and mobile businesses have. Solulab mainly caters to small and medium-sized companies.

Furthermore, they have a highly efficient team working on projects. This blockchain startup is known for quick and high-end deliveries for its customers.


Undoubtedly this blockchain startup works for the remittance market. The transfer of money from an individual to his homeland from a different country is known as a remittance.

EzyRemit is inclined towards the bigger and largely expanded organizations. They work to let bigger organizations know about the importance of blockchain technology.

EzyRemit is based in Bengaluru and works towards the simplified computer processesand trust for cryptocurrency technology.


Blockchain startups have designed the logistics and supply chain industry as well. Yojee is definitely one of them. Helping logistic companies to take orders, pick up, delivery, queries, etc easily using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the blockchain technology.

Founded and launched in Singapore, Yojee uses machine learning and decreases the middle man commission and overall expenditure of the company.


RecordsKeeper is a structured platform for users to store their documents, transaction details, data, etc in a safe and private blockchain. There is no central authority to this. Undoubtedly, nobody has power over the saved data in this.

Even so, it resembles the Google sheets, drive or drop boxes. It is based in Gurugram and specializes in Data analytics and enterprise.


InfoPulse gives affordable consultations and services to mid-sized IT companies. With a widespread network over 25 countries, particularly InfoPulse has made it big in the blockchain startup industry.

Understanding the businesses need and the robust technology and finding a middle ground to profit the business, indeed 27 years of experience does the talking for InfoPulse.

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I hope you have attained a deep insight into the various types of blockchain startups. This will help you understand and work on your blockchain startup. Keep up good work!

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