Brands from dissimilar fields try innovative ideas to shine their name shields. The year 2020 was predicted to be the breakthrough for numerous leading as well as growing brands. New experiments and ideas hold the threshold to optimize the reach and reputation of any firm. Furthermore, brands understand this pretty well. A user-friendly experience online and offline is the common goal. Ideas and innovations revolve around feedbacks and suggestions from customers. The in-house team then brainstorm, contemplate and decide the right idea that will benefit the customers and boost the company profits at the same time.

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However, with the invasion of the novel coronavirus, many companies are struggling to pull through the lockdown. The pandemic worldwide lockdown was a nightmare for brands of each sector and industry to cope with. But some brands astonished us with amazing ideas and innovations right amidst the lockdown. Understanding of the situation acting wisely is the takeaway every reader and business holder with this article.
Let us read about some amazing steps brands took to fight the pandemic and offer a hassle-free experience for users or customers.

AMUL – Anand Milk Union Limited

India’s leading dairy product manufacturer and distributor top-notched the lockdown situations with hands-down best ideas. With consumers being indoors and consuming media at the highest screen rate ever, Amul decides to make the best of it. When DD (Doordarshan) decided to air India’s 60’s mythological series Mahabharat and Ramayan, Amul stepped in and asked their old advertisements to be aired as well. The nostalgia build by Amul was an impeccable masterstroke. People started buying more Amul products to try out new recipes and relive their childhood.


The list doesn’t end here! Governments imposed strict lockdowns to curb the spread of virus and business going downhill. But Amul witnessed a rise in their sales. How? All employees were given shelter and service in the plants across the country. All the plants and companies were turned into places where their employees could live, work and earn. The employees did not leave for home, worked regular hours and were paid their salaries. Amidst a chaotic situation across the world and India, Amul made a difference.


Worldwide leading online consumer site never fails to amaze its users. Amazon has branched itself into various other fields and continues to achieve success in each of it. In these difficult times, Amazon came up with different ideas that increased their engagement and also enhance the customer experience. Amazon came up with free gaming for its prime users in the early days of the lockdown. This created a buzz among its users. The company also revealed that they will be upgrading the games with every passing month and has been a hit amongst its Indian users as well as abroad.


Beauty brands are also in the running for hunting goodwill under the circumstances. People widely trust and use Loreal for various beauty products across the world. However, the pandemic also shook their roots of manufacture and distribution. To overcome these obstacles, L’O’real offered hospital aid, sanitizers and masks for their employees in all divisions of the company. They even started their mask production to help the healthcare sector. The company has made huge donations to non-profit organizations in all parts of the world as their contribution in the fight against the COVID-19.

Coca Cola

Coca-cola is a loved beverage beyond any limits. Customers in almost every city of the globe consume it. The company is an epitome of example that comes to people’s rescue in times of difficulty and hardships. Coca-cola released a video on May 5, 2020, that reached millions of people. The video puts all the burdensome situations of people and portrays a message that everything will be fine soon. Content of the video is inspiring and overwhelming and by this cola did their bit in contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

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Though brands strategize new norms to increase goodwill and brand presence it has deeply impacted people’s lives amidst the pandemic. People will remember these deeds count on these brands next time they buy something or stuck in a pandemic.

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