The beginning of the internationally-declared pandemic and lockdown heralded with it, a new era for the economy and breadwinners all over the world. While changing the scene on the earning-front for almost all working families, the Covid-19 pandemic also brought with it, a plethora of opportunities for those looking to earn, support their families and themselves and start a business of their own. The opportunities that arose, allowed women to break out on their own finances and do it from the comforts of their own home. A marriage of time management, hard work and an optimistic attitude has given women and mothers, the chance to take up financial responsibility for themselves and those who require their care.

India, as a country, has witnessed a surge in the numbers of women entrepreneurs entering the market, boosted by the opportunities that the pandemic brought with it. If you’re looking to start something on your own and earn along the way, keep reading!

Women entrepreneurs that are highly motivated, often find barriers and obstacles when it comes to deciding on the most tactical idea for a home business. The key to making anything home-started work is to unite innate talent and the right business modules and following through with them religiously.  There are many who experience a flow of different ideas but can’t settle on one that would turn the profit wheels in their favour. This specific article is for those looking to understand how to start a business and/or work online to begin and/or continue their earning trajectory.

Listed below are a compilation of 13 of the best business ideas for women starting something of their own from home, those who are looking to work online and those who can earn them a decent monthly wage.

Business Ideas 

Online Work Ideas

Freelance Writing – Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Blogger 

If your grasp of the language is strong, and you enjoy writing in your spare time, earning with freelance writing is one of the best options you could possibly consider. 

Technical Writing – IT companies in today’s scenario also employ individuals and writer who can write content for their products and services.

Creative Writing – There are numerous agencies and various institutions in the country that employ writers on a part-time basis who can bring forth numerous creative ideas for articles, advertisements, product-tagline and so on. 

Blogging – This is an aspect of writing that will allow you to voice your opinions on topics that concern you and matter to you while earning you some money along the way. 


Proof-Readers are often taken up by companies to look for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax and formats. These individuals use their attention to detail, knowledge, judgements and experience to ensure that the content that they are checking is free of errors of any sort. 

Social Media Influencer 

Social media influencing is growing rapidly in today’s economy and an influencer is someone who has amassed a large number of followers in their online engagement with them. Influencers work hard to maintain an online profile and engaging social media presence through networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. 

Life Coach

Life coaching is a self-employment idea that allows individuals to professionally assist others in dealing with daily stressors that can have a negative mental and emotional impact. Life coaches work with their clients through online webcamming platforms like Zoom and Google Meets and help them achieve a better understanding and control over their anxiety and stress.


Transcription is a job that requires an individual to type everything that they hear from an audio or video file. Transcription involves subtitling videos and converting audio files to transcripts. There are numerous ways of transcribing audio and/or visual content and there is an employment of the same by those who require transcripts on a regular basis.

Social Media Manager 

A social media manager primarily represents companies or clients on all social media platforms and channels. They are responsible for maintaining a professional online presence because the benefit and value derived from a well-organized online presence is often a major determinant of a businesses’ success and profits in today’s world. 

Home-Business Ideas

Food Service Business

If a woman loves to cook and wants to make an earning out of the same, the food business industry is one of the best ideas that they can consider for their home business initiatives. This business can be run from one’s personally set-up and adequately-equipped kitchen and can cater to crowds and customers dependent upon the capacity of the kitchen.


If you are someone who enjoys baking and loves trying out new recipes and keep their oven running, selling cakes and other baked goodies as a living is definitely a business idea worth considering. 

Day-Care Centre 

Nurseries and nursery schools are institutions that supervise and care for younger ones and children, in the absence of their employed parents. Women who are more than willing to take up the responsibility of caring for children during the working hours of a day as a source of income are definitely advised to consider running a day-care business from home where the fees per child can be decided on the basis of mutually-selected time-schedules.

Hobby Classes at Home

With the free time brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many looking for an opportunity to build on their hobbies and spending time learning something artful and new. Women entrepreneurs looking to start their own business can capitalize on this demand by teaching something that they love to do like painting, cooking, baking, soap and jewellery-making. A cost analysis drawn up before beginning this business would allow the woman to understand her investments and expected returns. 

Fitness Training/Healthcare

The need has also arisen for taking care of the self physically and if a lady enjoys exercising, she can take up the same for those around her, earn money and keep herself physically fit along the way as well. 

Health Care for the Elderly 

Senior citizens require the regular assistance of someone to help them and take care of them. The companionship is also something sought after by the elderly. A health-care service for seniors at their home is a start-up business that is bound to see blooming, owing to the increased demand for the same. 

Teaching or Tutoring 

Lastly, education being taken online has created the demand and requirement for children to adapt to online methods of teaching without a negative impact on their learning. Women with an interest to dabble in studies again can do so for a living by teaching students in the comforts of their home.

Think carefully about what it is you would want to turn into a career, what you can engage in to gain yourself financial benefits, how you would employ the same and how you would run your show in the face of any challenges; and we promise you, you will have a booming success for your home business!

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