Technology has advanced rapidly in the 21st century. It is entering into every part of our life be it professional or personal. Business management is a  large topic with lots of parts to manage. There are lots of software available in the market which can help us in managing our business. Every software provides us with some unique facilities for the management of our organization.

This software makes the work of the management easier and the progress of the company faster and smoother. The facilities range from communication, accounting, file-sharing, content management and so on.

Let’s see some of the Small Business Management Software to Use in the Year 2019

Have a look at the best available business management software to use in the year 2019


This is one of the popular small business management software available in the market which is totally free to use. It provides a wide range of services. To manage your client, project, document, and workforce. It also provides you with an app available both in Android and IOS. 

There are lots of tools available for business management in this software that you can take advantage of with lots of smart features. It provides different services in communication too.


This is one of the most common video communication tools used in small businesses. It can help you to manage your team, assign them their tasks and talk to them face to face with no interruptions. It also helps you to schedule meetings when you are not unable to reach the place.

Thus, making meetings more flexible and not restricted to just one location. It has an easy to use UI and is available in-app and web. It is the most common video chat application used in the market today.

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It is used mostly by small business teams to manage the tasks involved in a group. It is very popular among software developers to allocate a task to their peers and share the code among the whole team. Slack is a very good small business management app and web application.

It’s UI is very popular. It provides you with a lot of tools of services communication and business.  It is very popular nowadays in recruitment services.

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This is one place where you can dump all your stuff and pull it back for future reference. Whenever you are told to upload something, You must have seen the logo of this software.

Dropbox is becoming very popular nowadays in small business management profile management and sharing. It provides you with an online storage system from where you can attach anything when you need to.

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 Proofhub is one of the best small business management apps available in the market today. it provides you with lots of tools that take care of the major part of your business. It also provides you data graphically with an attractive user interface.

You can also see the time taken for the task to be completed. It is wrapped up with lots of features that will help you to manage your business effectively.

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Pen and paper cannot be always used to keep track of all the works that you are doing. You need software to keep track of all the multiple was going on in your business whether you are a developer manager analyst or any freelancer.

This software helps you in doing so and makes your work more manageable and reminds you of all the tasks. This is a good Task Management app for small businesses. 

WPS office

This is a free documentation app. The unique thing about this app is it includes document, presentations, PDF and all other formats of the file you need to manage. You don’t need to have a separate app for every file. It provides you with a good alternative for Microsoft Office.

You can manage all your documents edit them at any time in the app and share them at one go. This is very useful for document management.


This is one of the most popular software among people to build their website and start their small business. Many popular stars and famous people use this to build their website. It not only makes your website become hosted and build fastly but also provides you with tools to manage it effectively.

It is available with a lot of plugins and extra features to keep your website updated and unique from others. Most of the E-commerce and business websites available in the market today are built on WordPress. It is a dominant online small business management software in the market. 

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Google docs

It is becoming very popular in the business today for files and document sharing and editing. Many people can edit the same document at one time. You can comment on the mistakes of the others. You can provide other users with links so that they can view or edit according to the access given.

It is free and is available on both the web and app. This is a useful app for small business management in terms of documentation purposes.

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Survey Monkey

This is a small business management app for creating forms and surveys. It helps you to create surveys fastly and get people’s opinions and feedback effectively.

This is a very useful app for business management in terms of retro in meetings. There can be a need to create a template survey anytime in the business and this software can help you out anytime.

Most of the software is available for free. You just need to follow the procedure in the software to make your business management better. These are some of the best available small business management software in the market today. I hope you will like to use them in your business today and it might help you to manage your things effectively. 

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