How to Write a Perfect business Memo? | Detailed Explanation

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Do you work at a corporate organization? If the answer is yes then you must be the daily recipient of some small messages like no meeting today, a business holiday today, meet me after 6 and similar framed in a document. These are nothing but business memos you receive in your email or in hand. Business memos are short documents used to transfer information among employees of an organization.

When you need to address a small group of audiences with a formal message then you can opt for a business memo. These are useful for smooth and efficient communication in the workplace and saves an ample amount of time. A business memo should be short and crisp and address the audience pinpointing directly to the message. It should not be long and boring to read.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the business sector. You need to clearly frame those documents with a specific type of format. A business memo is one such document. You need to know some basic rules of how to write a business memo. Next is the content provided which will guide you in creating a memo and making you remember some important points.  

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Let’s see some of these Points Helping you to Create a Short and Crispy Memo

Present the Main Course First

The main purpose of a business memo should be clearly mentioned at the top. It should not hide under the bush. You need to make the receiver of your memo clearly understand why you are writing this at first. You need to give the business memo as short as possible. The significance of a business memo is it presents the main course first then comes to the less important messages which needed to be forwarded. The main subject or the headline should be told first and an explanation of it follows after that. Clearly, state the purpose of your business memo.


Inspect your Audience 

You need to have a clear Idea home your writing this memo too. If the memo is to be sent to a person who is at a  higher post then you, your memo should be strictly professional and written formally. You should not follow a casual approach to writing. In the other case if the memo is being sent to your friends or co-workers you can have a relaxed tone and informal format. You don’t need to address them professionally. Audience matter a lot while writing a business memo. Don’t use casual tone while writing to your boss and you don’t need to act professional while writing to your colleagues.


Inspect the Content

You should clearly check the content before sending the business memo. If you send something wrong it could disturb the workflow of the people at the receiving end. You must be mindful of the things that you have written in the business memo. Just imagine if you send a confirmation message instead of affirmation, simple yes or no error it could lead to a lot of confusion and embarrassment for you. If your audience is large you could be a source of annoyment for a lot of people. Always check the contact details before sending the memo. Send it to the right audience to whom the business memo belongs to.


You can even bold or highlight the main objective of your business memo. It will help the user to know the main purpose of this memo. One can use different color formats for different points in your memo. You can present the urgent needs of your business memo with the red tagline. You can also create attractive content for the headline through different pictures and styling. Basic point is to make the user read your business memo easily with the help of some user-friendly content.


Appropriate Font-size and Style

Everybody likes to read a well-formatted and documented business memo. Take care of your font in the business memo. To achieve this you need to choose your text style accordingly. Font size should not be too large and the font format should be readable. Choose a general font style. It will also help you in creating other documents. Good font style will improve the legibility of your business memo to a great extent. 

Keep it Short

Nobody likes to read long and boring messages in between their work hours. The memo should not contain irrelevant content. It might make the user skip the main part of the memo. You should structure your memo with less content and more information. Everybody likes a short and crisp memo. By taking into consideration the above-mentioned points you should design a good and short memo.


It is regarded as a good practice to check the grammar of your memo. You can use several online software to do that. It helps you to write a correct memo with no grammar errors. Silly grammatical mistakes make a bad impression. Avoid these errors in your memo.

To Conclude,

You need to be efficient in writing a memo. These are some of the stuff you need to keep in mind while writing a memo. You will need it daily in your business life. This article helps you in overcoming this obstacle and continuing your business life happily. I hope the business memo is not the thing that you will need to worry about again after reading this article.


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