The 10 Best Free Small Business Resources to Capitalize On

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There are lots of small business resources available for free in the market. These resources will help you in managing your business in lots of ways. All these resources have specific task and functionalities which can help you in progressing your business. The facilities range from communication, accounting, file-sharing, content management and so on. There are some of the best small business management software in the market today available for free. You will like to use them in your business today and it might help you to manage your things effectively. 

Top 10 Best Free Small Business Resources

Let’s see the top 10 best free small business resources for you to capitalize on.

Mail service- Gmail, Outlook

You cannot run a business today without email service. Email services are the backbone for communication in a business today. There are many free mail services available like Gmail Outlook.

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You can make use of these resources in your business for daily operations and making connections. You can make amazing connections through email. Daily business operations become so easy due to the free email service available.

Video Conferencing- Skype 

It has an easy to use UI and is available in-app and web. This is one of the most common video communication tools used in small businesses. It can help you to manage your team, assign them their tasks and talk to them face to face with no interruptions. It also helps you to schedule meetings when you are not unable to reach the place. Thus, making meetings more flexible and not restricted to just one location.

Website Builder-, WordPress

It not only makes your website become hosted and build fastly but also provides you with tools to manage it effectively. It is available with a lot of plugins and extra features to keep your website updated and unique from others.

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Most of the E-commerce and business websites available in the market today are built on WordPress or Wix.

Online Documentation-Google docs, WPS office

Google Docs is free and is available on both the web and app. This is a useful app for small business management in terms of documentation purposes. WPS Office is a free documentation app.

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The unique thing about this app is it includes document, presentations, PDF and all other formats of the file you need to manage. You don’t need to have a separate app for every file. It provides you with a good alternative for Microsoft Office. 

Financing tools- Budgetsimple, Wave, Mint

You need to take care of Finance to run your small business. There are lots of free available resources as mentioned above which will help you in financial planning.

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Creating a budget and planning out of finances can be made easy by using these resources.

Marketing tools- Social Media

There are lots of ways to market your product on social media through Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other media sources. This is a very good platform for you to describe your business and start a conversation with new clients and dealers.

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These are great online platforms for you to sell your product and gain a lot of customers for your business. Social media changed the dynamic of marketing today. These resources are available for free and small businesses are using it every day to earn money and progress bit by bit.

Design tools- Adobe, Canva, Burst  

There are lots of free designing software available in the market today. These resources can ease your work of graphic designing. They are available for free and will not cost your business. A good design will have an everlasting effect on the customer’s eyes.

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These will help you to create awesome design with lots of tools and plugins provided. You can make professional content with the help of this software.

Blogger Resources -Grammarly

To check grammatical mistakes in your content. It helps you to correct it beforehand. This software is a blessing for bloggers. They don’t have to focus on the grammatical errors and put a major amount of their time on the content.

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It reduces the effort of the blogger to produce good content. Grammar mistakes can be rectified in no time. It creates awesome content with no errors.

Online productivity- Google calendar, Evernote

These resources help you to keep daily routine in check and in turn, helps in improving productivity. You can create your weekly or monthly plan using resources of this kind.

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It helps you to stay organized in your daily business life. These resources help you to check your business work and stay consistent.

Create Business Plan- Small Business Association(SBA), Score

These resources help you to create your own business plan. There are different steps to be followed while writing a business plan.

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You need to take care of some specific sector of your business. Writing a good business plan can make your business grow and flourish significantly.

These are some of the free available resources that small businesses can capitalize on. These resources are useful for freelancers too. Even this article was written with the use of Grammarly and Google docs.

The above-mentioned resources are very useful for small businesses. You must have got an idea there are many tools available in the market today for free for you to use and make a business out of it. I hope after reading this article you will be interested in using these resources and make a small business of your own. 

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