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In the past few months of the lockdown, brands are endeavouring to make ways to reach the audience amidst the new normal. Well-known as well as growing brands wish to stay connected with their customers during the pandemic. Each brand is making a statement with its tweaked styles of advertising. Internet and social media is the most effective way to keep customer engagement intact and celebrity brand endorsements is top-priority for many labels.

Badminton Star – PV Sindhu

With different strategies following the outbreak, celebrity endorsements are still the key element to reach millions of followers. Celebrities from different backgrounds unified with their brand partners to create awareness about staying home, social distancing and use of masks. PV Sindhu is constantly shooting home videos and re-sharing content on her social media handles for brand partners. Bank of Baroda, Stayfree, Vizag Steel and VISA are some of the brands working with Sindhu.

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The sports brands believe post the lockdown, physical games will witness an unbelievable rise. People will be eager to buy sports types of equipment and it is important to keep the brand connected with the audience. Furthermore, the aim is to indulge with customers and win back their trust and confidence. Hence, celebrity sports endorsements are keeping the brand connected with their people and not losing their popularity. Owners believe working with well-known stars is a wise move during the pandemic.

Bollywood Celebrities

Many other Bollywood actors and actresses are constantly reaching out to people with their brand partners. Sara Ali Khan is signed by a few brands like JBL India and Puma for engagements. Khan is constantly posting content to promote and fetching brands the right limelight. Well-known star, Deepika Padukone has invested the yoghurt brand Epigamia. She also is posting to push messages about the brand. Following Jacqueline Fernandes was also seen promoting RAW Pressery, a juice brand where Fernandes has investment deals.

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E-learning Platform – Unacademy 

Unacademy, an e-learning platform brought several celebrities of different backgrounds for talks related to various topics. The program was held in April and had Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Shashi Tharoor, Kiran Bedi and few more people on board for the initiative. Tharoor has over 30,000 attendees for the session while Kohli and Sharma had more than 50,000 people attending. Bedi attracted more than 20,000 people to attend her session. Karan Shroff, VP marketing, Unacademy, “Brands that have an emotional connect with the consumers’ lives through their campaigns will stand out.”

FilterCopy – Youtube Channel

Filtercopy, a leading Youtube and Instagram page for short series and content partnered with Bumble in the past. The artists are promoting dating-app through their videos and creating awareness about staying home and connecting to different people. The videos reach millions of users and are a great advertising tool.

Rohit Sharma – Cricketer

Rohit Sharma, a leading cricketer and IIFL Finance worked for a campaign called #SeedhiBaat. The campaign aimed to shed light on the pandemic guidelines given by the government and its importance.


Celebrity endorsements across all fronts like food, clothing, sports, ed-tech firms, FMCG, fitness and many more are trying to reach to their respective audience. The aim is to keep in touch and regain customer’s trust during the pandemic outbreak.

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However, many celebrities are promoting the brands abiding to the contracts or out of goodwill. But after the contract or new partnerships will have a lower-paying contract due to the current situation. Many brand owners are tallying the future vision with celebrities. Will the celebrities have the same impact or the pandemic will divert people’s focus on other things? Time will answer the question of celebrity brand endorsement. But learning from popular and successful people beholds an inspiration and aspiration for the young lads. Thus, this will prevail in the minds of people and brands might continue with celebrity endorsements.