Every business is inadequate without marketing. There are a number of marketing techniques available to the business. However, all of them fall under the scope of two major types of marketing. These two types of marketing strategies are mass marketing or branding and direct response marketing. The first marketing strategy is used to keep the consumer reminded of the brand and the product and services offered by it. The advertisements that you watch on television for Apple, Coke, Addidas, Nike, etc. are all using branding for a marketing strategy.

When you take a look at that list, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? They are all multi-million dollar companies. They have more than enough investments to employ for branding. The majority of the businesses that will be reading the article do not fall under that domain. If you are amongst those businesses that cannot employ millions of dollars on such type of marketing, then direct response marketing is the perfect fit for you. So then that will raise the question, what is direct response marketing?

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing, as the name suggesting, is based on evoking a direct response from the consumer on the spot. Getting consumers to take specific actions is the key feature of direct response marketing. This action can be in the form of making a sale, placing an order, or even calling back for more information. Direct response marketing can be found in all forms of advertisements. Ads on television being the most common, websites, online ads, and even print media are some more forms of advertisements used in direct response marketing. The idea is to make such an inticing offer that consumers cannot resist. Another factor in direct response marketing is Lead generation. This is basically converting by passers or just watchers into paying customers for your benefit.

This method of marketing is also considered highly ethical, which cannot be said for a lot of other strategies. The tools and tricks used in this method of marketing are often coined as ‘money at a discount.’ If 2o dollar bills were bring sold for four dollars each, as a consumer, how many would you buy? Now think of how much profit the business would be earning from this? This is called money at a discount. However, everything is based on the aim and point of view of the ads that are made.

Advantages of Direct Response Marketing

Some of the major advantages for Direct Response Marketing.

Compelling Headlines and Sales Content

The main idea is to attract the consumer in any way possible. The idea is to get the consumer to buy the product. The use of a picky headline is to draw the bees to the honey.

You can Track

Direct response marketing has the advantage that the ability to track is very easy. Since the consumer has a direct response to your ads, the tracking is very easy and on the point. If the consumer makes a purchase, score for you. If he does not, no points for you. It is easy to track your performances and profits.

You can Measure

As you know exactly who is responding to which ad, you can measure the success of each ad campaign. This gives you an upper hand on getting to know which ad should be continued and which should be discontinued to increase profits.

Target Audiences

Aimlessly fishing in a large pond more often than not leave you with an empty bait and no fish. The same can be said about ads that are not designed with a target audience kept in mind. A main audience is a group of people that you are directing your ad to. The feeling of ‘that is some’ is a buying factor for all consumers. That is what the idea of a target audience is aiming for.

Converting Unconverted Leads

You can always use follow-ups to converted unsuccessful leads into successful ones. Since you know exactly which consumers did not buy into the ad, you can follow up and find out what went wrong. After that, you can use that to make sure you correct the mistake.

Things to ensure that your Direct Response Marketing is Right

Here are some things for Direct Response marketing.

Make an offer, always!

There needs to be a direct offer at all times. Do not let the consumer go looking for an implied offer in there. You are not trying to brand, but you are trying to make a sale. So be direct to and make the offer straight up.

Call to Action

There is constantly needs to be a call to action. Tell the consumer what to do next. Never leave a consumer to figure out stuff on their own. They are influenced by your ad, and now you need to give them the last push. Give them a call to action and induce them to make a purchase.


Just like you never leave the kids free, do not leave your consumers free either. Always put a deadline for the offer you make. If not, the consumer will think they can think about it and come back to it later. This might make you lose the consumer.

They might forget about it or think they do not need the product or service. The deadline puts pressure on the consumer to think fast. They tend to make hasty decisions because of this that which isn’t always accurate.


Direct response marketing is a very simple and pocket-friendly marketing strategy. The business does not need to shell out a lot of money on this marketing strategy and still expect good results. The benefits that direct response marketing offer is unmatched. You can always track and measure your responses. If there is an ad that is not doing well, you will immediately know. So the is little wastage of capital that happens in this form of marketing. So what are you waiting for? Go and arm your business with the direct response marketing ammunition.

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