The year 2020 seems profitable for the dropshipping business. If you are keen on starting a dropshipping business, than these are some of the niches you should look up for.

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Let’s see a few profitable dropshipping niches for the year 2020.

Fitness niche

Since fitness has been taking a roll on the world currently, fitness niche can bring ample of profits to your dropshipping business. Products such as fitness trackers, dumbbells, etc can be of great use.

Clothing related to fitness is also trending in today’s times. Moreover, clothing for various sports such as swimming, football, tennis, athletics or gym wear  can dropshipped to customers. Indeed fitness is a niche you should definitely consider.

Lifestyle products niche

Undoubtedly, today everyone is falling short of time and since then there have been innovations that not only save time for people but are also affordable at the same time. Products that improve the lifestyle of people have always commanded demand from the customers. Think about this one well.

Liquid soap dispensers, vegetable cutters, on-the-go shake makers, induction water savers, etc can be of great deals at your dropshipping stores. Along with this, bringing such innovations on board will help your customers cut on a few daily chores and use these devices to save time.

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Travel niche

Catering to the travel junkies is something really fun. There are many new and innovative products in the market for people who love to travel and explore. A few old school products can also be sold because they are out of market but travelers miss those products.

Rope survival kits, Slipper sneakers for travel, Screwdriver-cum-key holder, etc are some of the few products. Study reveals that travel adventure is going to be next big thing in the world. Certainly you cannot overlook this niche for your dropshipping business.

Gardening Products

Undoubtedly, the world is struggling with global warming and everyone is trying their best to give a hand and reduce the increasing temperature of the globe. Vertical gardens, balcony lawns, off-soil container gardening, industrial buildind gardens, etc are now in full swing.

This means there is demand for the various gardening tools and products which your dropshipping store can fulfill. Gardens are something many people want and so will they need the various gardening products.  Moreover, this just might be you have been looking for your dropshippig niche.

Fashion Products

If you want impulsive buyers to hit on “Buy Now” button than fashion is just the answer. Fashion can never go out of people’s bucket list. Clearly you can get fashion trends and styles to your store and make the best profits ever.

Clothing, hairstyle accessories, bags, shoes, watches, sunglasses, etc can all be at your store. Nevertheless, you can also choose one product and bring all the variants and attract customers. This is just your chance

Pet Accessories

Pets have been a priority for humans ever since and will continue to be the same. So why not make the best of this? Bring all the accessories and requirements for maintaining the pets at home. You can also cater to the various pet homes, shops and NGO’s that run for the welfare of animals.

Dog clothes, toys for cats, things to accessorise fish tanks, etc can all be of great business to your dropshipping store.

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are of great interest and use to people in today’s time. People want to make their share in saving the environment but do not have the time to think about the products they can use in their day-to-day lives. In such cases, your dropshipping business can come as a savior.

Products such as cotton bags, re-useable batteries, rechargeable batteries, solar powered speakers, etc can be dropshipped to people all the across the worls and earn profits for your business. Get thinking on this one as it one of the best dropshipping niches.

Organizational Systems

Have you seen people struggling to keep their closets organized? You have, isn’t it. Why not bring products that can help people keep their kitchens, garages, bedrooms, etc organized. Without a doubt, this can be the business idea you have been fetching for all this time.

Closets- Space saver bags, Honeycomb organizer, Shelf dividers, etc

Kitchens – Pantry organizers, freezer and refrigerator organizer, drawer organizer, etc

Bedrooms – Hidden bookshelf, Wall shoe storage, storage baskets, etc

These are the products that can help your customers cut the clutter from their houses and breathe free in organized spaces.

Customize Windows

Finding the right curtain for you window is such a task. You can help your customers find their best curtains, shades, blinds for their windows.

Meanwhile you can also outsource for various interior designing companies. This is an unexplored niche. You must think twice about this one.

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Lighting Products

Lighting is necessary for every new setup made in the infrastructure. Office setups, homes, subways, etc lighting is everywhere. All the events that take place need lighting for some or the other reason. Concerts, parties, stages shows, etc all need lighting. If you can dropship the required items for them than you can make great business out of this niche.

These are few top profitable dropshipping niches for the coming year 2020. Read through each of them carefully and thoroughly and select the best one for you based on your interest and the resources available to set up your dropshipping business.

I hope this article has cleared the doubts about what to dropship in 2020. Make the best use of the all the ideas putforth.

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