This Mumbai e-learning startup is upskilling blue-collar workers for logistics, transport industries.

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The current scenario 

The world is currently facing its greatest war ever, the war with COVID-19. The virus grew stealthily and became one of the deadliest viruses that is affecting people worldwide. Not just India but the whole never contemplated this virus to take such drastic turns. Hence on the evening of 24th March, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting the movement of the entire 1.38 billion or 138 crore population of India. 

During this critical hour, the one thing that emerged as a necessity was the need for contactless delivery. Everyone was at home; there was no means of going out. So people started ordering online, whether it may be food, medicines, clothes. Everything! The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated the shift towards a more digital world.  In India, it has caused an upward thrust within the range of FTUs or first-time-e-commerce-users, who had been so far inhibited from shopping online. On 25th March 2020, a critical online grocery participant in India had the following message “We’ll be back soon! We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand. In light of this, we are restricting access to our website to existing customers only. Please try again in a few hours.” The response was so overwhelming that it confronted a breakdown because of steep growth in demand amid COVID-19. 

And this showcased the problem of the unavailability of skilled workers as there were several blue-collar jobs. Big corporations like capital extensive industries, together with e-commerce, airways, logistics, delivery corporations, trucking corporations, and warehouses, were in the constant combat to get expert workers. According to a study by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), India will subsequently need around 28.4 million supply chain workers in its logistics, transportation, warehousing, and packaging division. The sheer requirement of the hour is a professionally skilled workforce backed with real-world practical knowledge and a profound and perceptive understanding of the industry. While India saw this huge demand for expert labor to construct globally aggressive provide chains, there was still no organized and established entry-level coaching for these blue-collar workers. In order for these workers to run through this industry smoothly, they certainly need expert guidance or professional training. 

An Alternative

 With a view to cope with this situation, to provide what the industry needed at this most crucial and critical hour, entered 21CC Education. Sanjay Tiwari, the co-founder of 21CC Education, has built a platform that addresses the desperate and inescapable need for upskilling and reskilling the blue-collar workers in the logistics and warehouse industry. It further aims to delegate over 25 million individuals over the next five years by helping them improve their careers and enable businesses to advance their profitability with a future-ready workforce. 

21CC Education was founded in January 2019 in response to the revamping face of logistics and transportation. The growth track of the sector was moving swiftly and was, unfortunately, dealing with the chaos and disruption due to the lack of skilled workers. The industry had to face a setback because of the issues like unorganized logistics and packaging operations and a lack of administrative capabilities. “As logistics gains increasing significance, entering an era of unprecedented change, we recognized the urgent need for scalable and sustainable skill development solutions that could significantly help re-engineer the Indian logistics sector,” says Tiwari. 

21CC Education was founded by Sanjay Tiwari, Marloeke Werst, Ludo Tieman, and Sumer Shankardass. The e-learning start-up created for blue-collar workers has established a “21CC app” to provide advanced ideas of the logistics and transport sector by contributing to coaching modules. The Mumbai-based startup trains personnel in logistic capabilities like providing chain, warehousing, freight forwarding, constructing effectively, container yard administration, and a deeper understanding of the sector. In addition to this, it also has a workplace at The Hague, The Netherlands. 

 21CC Education’s holistic cell platform is sponsored by an accomplished team throughout the Netherlands and Mumbai. “Our library offers industry-relevant, engaging, and adaptive learning content with more than 110 e-learning modules, over 50 courses, and eight interactive games, all focused on logistics and transportation sectors. We have worked with market leaders in the logistics space like DB Schenker, DHL Global Forwarding, DP World, Sarjak Container Lines, and the Port of Amsterdam to serve their training and recruitment needs,” said Sanjay Tiwari.

Working of 21CC Education

Interestingly, the training content provided to help build capability and employability of the workers is delivered in the form of games, videos, and pdf’s which further eases the learning process, which is conventionally dull and lethargic. This creates an engaging user-driven environment that draws the user’s attention in a fun way and simultaneously training them efficiently. 21CC Education’s training content material is likewise finding favor with corporations looking to create social impact through CSR initiatives. Aligning their CSR tasks with the ability to construct drives, 21CC Education is partnering with numerous leading corporations to assist build functionality and employability via its immersive and vernacular content material.

The 21CC app’s library tends to provide partaking, industry-oriented, and easy-to-understand studying material with more than 110 e-learning modules, eight interactive video games, and more than 50 programs focusing on logistics transportation sectors. These programs created by the in-house team are mainly based on the best practices of various large logistics companies. They cater to industries, logistics, warehouse, supply chain, transportation, cold chain, well-being security, and setting. 

The 21CC application enables job seekers and employers to search for one another based on the acquired skills. Employers can offer jobs with special needs in the app, and potential employees can use their digital talent pass (which lists their skills) to apply for these jobs. The startup receives fees from the companies that rent out potential candidates from the app. 21CC Education works with more than companies, together with DHL India, Indospace, DB Schenker, TVS Logistics, and DP World, amongst others, to coach over 40,000 coinciding personnel month-to-month. It is also working with several schools to edutech skill-building amongst freshers.