Companies do hold parties for their employees and start-ups also throw parties to let people mingle with each other and make a friendlier workspace for their employees. This is an informal gesture but a very important way to keep your working force together. The idea works very well for the established as well as

Note – You must know which parties you should attend. If the company’s head is throwing a party then however if you do not want to but you should go. This will build your visibility and presence is counted in the long run.

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But if it is an acquaintance’s wedding you do not know well then you can politely decline the offer and congratulate them when you meet or ping them a nice message.

Let us now know about the etiquettes you should follow at an office party

Dress Appropriately

You have to choose your dress wisely. The social event at your company does not expect you to be dressed over-the-top. Dress elegantly and refrain from major skin show. Smart casuals that do not give away a lazy vibe but give a warm welcome to others.

Go Slow On The Refreshments

Even if you are excited about the delicious food but you have been a professional at the social event as well. You don’t want to look unprofessional hogging on all the food. Stay calm and enjoy all the food but make sure when someone approaches you for a small talk you do not have food stuffed in your mouth.

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Do Not Pass Negative Comments

No matter how much you don’t like the organization you cannot talk ill about it at a party. You never know who overhears your conversation and this will put a really bad image for your career. You have to be positive or just choose to be quiet in these conversations.

Mind Your Talks

Do not indulge in politics or religion-related talks. This can get serious and you do not want that at a party. Converse about normal things like hobbies, travel, family, hometown, etc. People have come to enjoy at the party so do not stress on topics that the other person is uncomfortable talking about.

Be on time, leave on time.

This is very essential. Do not be recklessly late to reach for the party and make sure you leave within the hours. Arriving fashionably late is a complete no-no in the corporate sector. You want to come on time, enjoy and not be the last one to leave. Being there just for appearance will hamper your reputation.

Greet The Hosts

If you join any corporate party make sure you greet all the hosts and party planners. It is very important to acknowledge the effort they took to manage all the set-ups for the party. If the has more than one host then make sure you go and greet all of them. This is an important etiquette you should follow at an office party

Socialize Outside your Group

You already your office group and you will get time to spend with them every day in the office. This is your chance to talk to people from other departments and also your seniors. Talk to your boss because you might just build a good friendship with them which otherwise is difficult during regular office days.

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Don’t get your other friends

This is an office party and you are not expected to get any of your personal friends. This is extremely awkward for you as well as your friend. You cannot talk to any of colleagues without your friend tagging along with you. So save yourself from the embarrassment and do not take any other friends.

Reply to the Invite

Don’t just show up at the party, you are supposed to reply to any kind of invite at least 48 hours prior. Let the invite be in any form like email, text, etc but make sure to reply to them and don’t be a surprise at the party. This is one of the main etiquettes you should follow at an office party

Carry your confidence

You don’t want to be shying away from the people at the party and standing alone in one corner. So walk in with confidence and make sure you are seen to people. Go ahead and make conversations with people and do it with confidence. Even if people are judging you, you got this!

Socialize and Network

A corporate party usually has people from other offices or at least people from the other departments, so this is your chance to talk to people you think are good for networks. Make an impact and make sure people remember you next time they meet you. This can be helpful in future for your career.

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These were a few etiquettes you should follow at an office party. Hope all the information helps you next time you walk into your office party. All the best and get the party rolling!

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