Every year this time calls for monsoon shopping of raincoats, umbrellas and get ready to get sloshed with waters outside. But all we can do is sit at home and watch the rains. All because of the pandemic racing its way to shun the world indoors! Similarly, the fashion world is also split into unexpected hemispheres amidst the pandemic.

Our summers passed away whiling in track pants and loose t-shirts. Linen clothes and summer dresses waited in the wardrobe but to no avail. However, this year we could not enjoy wearing our favourite outfits and seemingly 2020 has made its plans stronger with the rising COVID-19 cases in all parts of the world.

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Have you thought what happened to the fashion world amidst all the chaos? While we were busy watching Netflix at home, the fashion industry witnessed a 34% dip in their overall sales. An alarming number but nobody can question the situation.

Manufacturing halts, production stopped and nobody wants to buy clothes sitting at home. Most of the population is still struggling to buy essentials and survive. Layoffs and salary cuts have shifted the attention and focus from clothing to basic needs all across the world.

Impact of The Lockdown

Although online shopping is a big option to shop from amidst the pandemic, 80% of fashion sales still occur at physical stores. Hence, sales dipped heavily.

Fashion is volatile an industry, devolution of trends is a common practice. The existing stocks of current trends and summer collections are a waste for the production industry. The future is quite questionably for the fashion world.

Brands have started huge sales to vacate their existing stocks and hope to manufacture new ones after the lockdown comes to a standstill. The financial crisis is a serious shock for the industry and selling commodities at a low price will affect future production.

Locals are also selling their products for dangerously low rates and it is directly proportional to their lifestyle and ability to pay bills in the pandemic lockdown.

Future Trends

Well, adding a mask to all your styles is a must. The pandemic has opened a masked revolution in the fashion industry.

Many luxurious brands quoted they will sell the spring collection of 2020 in the next year. Well, in the current year we are customed to lose and comfortable clothes and brands are paralleling working to get this to us. Comfy clothing material will be on the top list for the coming months and brands have started working to make the best options available to people.

However, physical stores are still dwindling about their decisions. Even if the stores opened, people will not be able to try on clothes or touch them because social distancing norms do not allow so.

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For the coming months, the scenario is quite dreadful for brands owning shops in malls or elsewhere.

Designers and stylists believe the fashion industry is on the verge of rebirth and all the nostalgic and new trends will follow simultaneously. There will be no barriers to fashion post the pandemic. After being at home for so long, people are eager to experiment and wear new styles, hence whatever is brought to the streets will be a new style.

Online Fashion Shows

May Met Gala moved to the online options and opted to ask celebrities to recreate their red carpet look at the home and spread it on social media. This is the go-to option for leading and well-known fashion banners in all parts of the world.

September’s fashion weeks are hoping to broadcast their shows live on social media or television. New York, Milan, Paris designers plan to follow social distancing norms and carry out online shows for their eager audience.

What is World Saying about Chinese Manufacturing?

Well, the coronavirus outbreak will impact manufacturing and imports from China. The spread of the virus has its native in Chinese cities and the controversial discussions have made designers rethink on Chinese products.

Also, the border tensions with India and other neighbouring countries will impact all the Chinese industries. The fashion industry is no new to the fact. Hence, all the products imported from China will be soon replaced with other materials.

What should change in the industry amidst the lockdown?

Without any doubt, the fashion industry is the reason for a huge chunk of carbon emissions every year. 85 % of textiles are dumped each year in nature which is hazardous for nature. 10% of the humanly created carbon emissions are from the fashion industry alone.

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The fashion world cannot wait to be back on the ramp but if there was a time for the fashion industry to reinvent, it is now.

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