You can be anything you ever want to; you have to start somewhere and take that leap of faith. One of the hallmarks of this big leap is embracing the ability to chart your economic destiny yourself by becoming an entrepreneur. Today, we all have been awed by so many brave individuals. They have embraced all the risks of entrepreneurship inspiring not to give up. However , entrepreneurship can be anybody’s game in theory. But the rates of female entrepreneurs have always been lagging those of men.

For a pleasant surprise and benefit of whole world, we have seen a steady increase in numbers of female entrepreneurs, recently.

According to the statistics, from 2015 onward, female Entrepreneurs rates increased by an absolute double. To speak of the U.S. scenario, women own more than 12 million businesses, with an estimation that more than 36 percent of all companies are primarily owned by women. And this figure is a solid increase of six percent from the year 2007. 

Well, it’s an absolute pleasure to mention that the increasing number of female entrepreneurs is just about half of the story. The economic impact of all these female entrepreneurs holds the greatest potential to continue to be the central aspect of worldwide economic growth. Women-owned businesses have had $3 trillion worth economic impact in the US, and they are credited with creating and maintaining more than 25 million jobs.

Women in Today’s World

All of this, when coupled with statistics demonstrating that the women-led companies perform twice as well as those led by men, one can be amazed by the significant impact female entrepreneurs can have on domestic job creation and in turn, on economic growth. Other than that, investors looking to gain maximum returns on their investment have been wise to look forward to joining hands with female entrepreneurs. We have several studies and surveys to show that female-founded companies create over 60 percent more value for investors on average. 

However, even with all these statistical boosts, female entrepreneurs continue to hit the setbacks time and again. Among other challenges, lack of proper training and financing remain to be the major roadblocks for female entrepreneurs as surveyed by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). But it is true that successful entrepreneurship is indeed a Herculean task requiring passion, deep commitment, and requires unlimited amount of motivation. As a testament to those mentioned above, let’s get to know some the world’s topmost female entrepreneurs who made it big with their hard work and perseverance.

Female Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing the World

Here’s what our favorite women had to share about their journey as a female entrepreneurs.

Sue Bryce

Glorifying the imaging industry with her beautiful persona for more than 25 years, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the business. Her sense of Majesty style, glamour, fashion, and portrait style goes way past stereotypes, and she has changed the face of portrait photography. Her company; Sue Bryce Education (SBE) is proudly one of the largest online communities in the photographic industry. Her name is among one of the best female entrepreneurs. 

Sue says that her path to self-employment seemed like a natural evolution to her. But that it was born out of necessity rather than the great desire to build a business. She says “After 13 years mastering my craft, I was still an employee and I simply had reached a ceiling of how much money I could earn in my career.”

It wasn’t a smooth ride for sure. After those initial fears and doubts, she had a learning curve so great that she almost hit failure. But, here’s where she won the battle. Instead of giving up, she started developing a deep sense of passion and motivation for her business. Not giving herself any other loophole out of it, she bravely took it as a challenge. Even after a solid 13 years of self-employment, she still challenges herself to create on a larger and larger scale every year.

“My desire to build, createlearn and, surpasses my fear. Every challenge I’m faced with becomes a greater experience of learning my true power.” Added Sue.

Now, Sue’s teamed up with Tiffany Angeles. Both of them are working together to break down their biggest business lessons, and also to teach a class on how to Make More Money and Discover Your Worth.

Sophia Amoruso

Next on the list is lovely Sophia. She has undoubtedly come a long way. From founding a store on eBay in 2006 named ‘Nasty Girl’ that focused on selling vintage clothing. Sophia now heads a multi-million dollar empire with her very own clothing line. Moreover, she developed a business that was called out as the “Fastest Growing Retailer” in the year 2012. New York Times Bestseller of #GIRLBOSS has recently stepped out of her role as the C.E.O. of Nasty Girl and took on the part of the Executive Chairman. She is focusing on the creative’s and brand marketing functions of her business.

Sophia humbly advises “Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer.”

Her name is among one of the best female entrepreneurs. Achieving this level of success even with not having any background of fashion or business experience before starting Nasty Gal, Sophia gives all the credits to her complete inability to accept failure as an option. 

“The people who told me no, in the beginning, were the very same people who eventually 

told me yes,” she adds. 

Arianna Huffington

Most of us already know Arianna Huffington as the President and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. But even she’s had her fair share of ups and downs along the way. From being the first female president at Cambridge and publishing her first bestseller book at the age of 23. She has always been a prominent figure in US politics. Now her name is among one of the best entrepreneurs. She is a person who has had equal taste of failures along with the success.

Despite her first book being a bestseller, she has 36 book rejections on her list of failures. Then her abysmal showing as an independent in the elections being another one. But Huffington’s approach to her failure is always positive. She recognizes the importance of failures and thanks to her mother for this value.

As aforementioned, Arianna Huffington is the proud co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the successful news website called HuffPost (previously the Huffington Post). After revolutionizing the digital world, Huffington set her site on her books, including the most recent ‘The Sleep Revolution.’ She manages the wellness site Thrive Global and offers a six-week course to improve people’s overall wellbeing.

Huda Kattan        

It takes just about two seconds of watching Huda Kattan on her Youtube to be literally blown off by her appeal and understand her potential. The 35-year-old blogger-turned-YouTube Goddess-turned Instagram Starlet has become one of the most sought after beauty sensation. Kattan’s presence is endearingly original; she laughs and makes mistakes while applying makeup, talks about her flaws all while keeping up a running monologue about the product.

Kattan is cross-cultural and cross-platform genius millennial who immediately knows what kind of content works on every platform. Now her name is among one of the best female entrepreneurs. She grew up in Tennessee to Iraqi-American parents and worked a finance gig in Dubai but then tired of working in finance very quickly post-graduation. Rebelling against her family’s wishes for a stable career, she decided to become a make-up artist.

She started her beauty empire soon after, and the beauty mogul decided to begin making her own synthetic and faux minx eyelashes. ‘Huda Kattan’ lashes sold out on the first day after it became the new ‘it’ product for Kim Kardashian.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a force to be reckoned with. This billionaire biggie gained work experience in some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Loewe. 

While at Vera Wang, Tory met Chris Burch and soon after getting married in 1996. She had a husband and a house full of six children. This situation started to act as a setback for her work-life balance.

Even though she had willingly given up her career for her family life and children, Tory being a career-oriented woman, began to grow ‘restless’ over time. She started creating scrapbooks from cuttings from books and magazines, biggies of the industry who were impressed by her. Now her name is among one of the best female entrepreneurs. 

 ‘Follow your Dreams’ that aired just after 9/11 and got into a head start.

With her rise to fame, Burch also got involved in philanthropy and found the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Supports women with cancer and provides awareness to young women about the disease.

Pamela Slim 

From being an employee for almost a decade to being an award-winning author. A sought after speaker and business strategist, Pamela shared some in-depth details about her journey.

Pamela’s typical day included a solid 15 hours of slogging and handling personal and professional life with two jobs. The tipping point, before her 30th birthday when she got pneumonia from the non-stop pace of work. She set herself to make a career move with no plan of action in hand. She just had the desire to find a more sustainable path. After a few months of struggling, she started working as a consultant and realized that she’d found her purpose; that she loved being a consultant.

 “I realized that the ten years, had volunteered as an executive director had prepared me for entrepreneurial life. she knew how to learn and fund big programs. I knew how to build a network and to mobilize people to a cause. She knew how to sell and market. So, now that I had my shingle out, I took off and built a thriving and fulfilling practice.”

“I celebrate 20 years in the business now, and it hasn’t always been easy, but it continues to bring satisfaction. ” Pamela adds hinting that no matter what it is if it gives you joy, you must pursue it.

The idea that every successful entrepreneur started somewhere. And the truth is, great success in business grows from just one, tiny seed. Now her name is among one of the best female entrepreneurs.

By reading about how these incredible ladies built and grew their empires over the years. Our agenda is to inspire every women and make her realize that she has an entrepreneurial seed within herself to get started!

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