Financial technology (Fintech), the bridge between the digitalized citizens and their financial services. The emergent of the fintech industry closely binds the needs of people in an easy and handy process.

Fintech also holds the potential to dig the grave of traditional financial methods as it complements the growth of a digital world. Without a doubt, the evident increase in fintech startups is the result of collaborations between banks, the innovation of new methods, investments to empower digitalization, etc.

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Entrepreneurs are disrupting the custom of financial services with innovation to meet the needs of the fierce market demand to make cashless, digitalized money transfers. 2019 still witnessing huge developments in the fintech industry, the ecosystem of 2020 fintech industry awaits beneficial trends and changes. 

There are many trends that have taken root in the industry. Every entrepreneur should be aware of them. Today I will give a piece of detailed information about the prevailing trends of the fintech industry. 

Fintech Trends 2020

The trends fintech entrepreneurs should be concerned with

Easier payments

The birth of mobile commerce has led to a revolution of payments and transactions through mobile phones. Undoubtedly, more than 46% of the fintech industry revolves around payments.

Consumers and vendors have evolved with initiatives like the UPI. The growth trajectory of digitalized payments will facilitate the innovation of fintech startups and entrepreneurship. 

Biometrics and tokenization

The transformation in the industry is currently parallel with the use of biometrics, face recognition tools used across the IT firms. 

Advanced cybersecurity systems are gaining popularity as it ensures transparency and builds the trust of customers. Biometrics and tokenization to gain great credit when used in their complete potential.


The digital currency that uses the blockchain technology and works in decentralized network forms. The record of the group of transactions in blocks connected to each other forms the decentralized digital transactions.

The soaring value of cryptocurrency challenges its used in mainstream fields i.e financial technology sector.However,  decentralized network transactions empower the users to attain secure and also verify their transactions directly between one another.

Indeed, entrepreneurs will have to shift businesses as per the cryptocurrency paradigm.


AI-powered-robots advisors are a low cost but effective financial advisors. The automated mathematical and algorithm-based advises within minutes has impressed the industry. Robo-advisors will prove revolutionary because it proves to be an investment opportunity for each growing business. 

Innovation and risk

The deal to create an innovative platform in the digitalized fintech era is a great one. Each entrepreneur is expected to devise different ideas to benefit the industry. Innovations also water the risk involved in the same. 

Corporate banks collaborations with fintech

Undoubtedly, since businesses embracing the disruptive nature of fintech, all the leading corporate banks are stepping up the game to meet this challenge. Furthermore, the financial institutions recognize this as the best opportunity to realize and enact on the competitive advantages and changes. Digitalization will increase the efficiency of work and impact the growth of each company. 

Cloud banking 

According to International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates, global spending on public cloud services and infrastructure is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.8% over 2018 to reach $210 Bn in 2019, and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 22.5 % during 2017–22 to reach $370 Bn in 2022.

In addition, the banking industry is forecasted to spend more than $20 Bn on public cloud services in 2019, which indicates the significant inroads it has made into the industry.

Bridging finance differences

The overlooked grade of citizens is now being explored by the fintech startups and entrepreneurs. Moreover, the introduction of options for the short-term need of loans for freelancers and young students.

Also, entrepreneurs are dropping in flexible and affordable loan options for the agricultural and B2B segment. Future investment in this design will enrich and evolve the fintech sector.

Establsihed Brands

Some of the most established brands using the fintech technology.




These companies soar in the reign of monetization and reached heights making huge profits and reaching to crores of people. Moreover, there are many such companies prevailing in the world that have made lives easy for common people and the digital world is thankful for the fintech entrepreneurship. 

On the radar of innovation fintech players are gaming relentlessly for the apt market share. Whether is is digital payments, transactions, wealth managenement, etc fintech as an industry is a heartfelt welcome to the digitalized age.  

You have reached the end of the article. Nevertheless, I hope this provided you the required information and enlightened you to choose fintech for your entrepreneurial venture. 

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