In India, education startup stories are coming into being for the betterment of the young generation.
All parents would agree that keeping your child busy. And busy in the right direction isn’t an easy task. You certainly don’t want them busy with video games or television for sure.

Every time you cross a toy store buying a toy isn’t a good idea. In fact, in any case, your child gets bored too soon with the one he gets. As parents, we need to spend time with them and keep them engaged. It isn’t practical for working parents and neither can we be so creative every time!

Like all other parents ArunprasadDurairaj, Vijaybabu Gandhi and ShreenidhiSrirangam had the same set of challenges. While they were working with the major IT firms they always struggled to spend quality time with their children. As a result, they end up engaging them rather than keeping them busy. Their children were attracted more towards smartphones and television than playing or indulging in activities. And they decided to do something about it since they couldn’t find anyone doing it professionally.

How Flinto, the Octopus came into existence

In September 2013 they finally found the magic formula to keep the little ones occupied. Likewise, make them learn at the same time. There was definitely a need for someone to think about a quality learning and play option for kids.

Arun says, “We quickly brought in people with expertise in child development, game design, and education to build the first prototype, which was then tested with 60+ parents and children. Our reviewers loved the freshness of the idea and the quality of the product. This encouraged us to take a plunge to build Flintobox as a company!”

Initial Hiccups

Attracting the right talent was a challenge in the initial days. Being a start-up, we wanted people who were multi-talented and could perform more than one task. As a start-up, we couldn’t afford to hire dedicated people for specific tasks. Also, finding people who were self-motivated to take care of multi-tasks wasn’t easy. During the embryonic stages, they faced big challenges. Like finding such skilled people, compensating and retaining them.

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What is Flintobox? 

Flintobox is the pioneer of subscription activity boxes for children in India. It is the only company in India which owns a consumer as well as an enterprise product. That too so fast in the early learning space. Every month, based on pre-decided themes such as wildlife, nature, family, colours, health, etc. a beautiful and attractive cardboard box gets ready at Flintobox office in Chennai. The box includes five games-based activities that include a mix of DIY, games and a book. What the games will be, is decided by child development experts, designed by the in-house team and is developed keeping in mind child safety, comfort, and quality. The team also ensures a new set of activities are delivered before a child gets bored with the previous one.

Vijaybabu says, “No one envisions Early Child Education as we do; we focus on holistic learning for children from the age of 2-12 across all mediums – home, school, and media. We believe that at every level of a child’s growth, starting from home to school, early childhood education should be given in only way – the Fun way”.

Available on a subscription basis the Flinto team ensures the box gets delivered at your doorsteps each month with a new set of 5 surprises.

Future Plans

Flintobox offers its products for the two major platforms where a child primarily learns – Flintobox which is an activity box to engage children meaningfully at home and FlintoClass, a comprehensive pre-school system productized to power independent /unbranded preschools to provide world-class early education to pre-schoolers. Flintobox is doing well as last year Arun and team sold 45,000 boxes at an average each month and this year they have already reached 60,000 boxes per month. FlintoClass which focuses on the preschooler’s activity and learning raised $7 Million as fund this week.

Sreenidhi says, “Since its launch in June 2017, FlintoClass has changed lives of more than 4500 students and reached more than 350 preschools in 25+ cities. By the same time next year, we aim to reach 3000 preschools and in the next 5 years, I wish every child grows through the Flinto environment. Flinto will become synonymous with the word ‘Early Education’ across the country”.

Let your child learn the Flinto way!

With boxes for children between 2 to 12 years old Flintobox is a great alternative to keep your child occupied and learn through new activities. The variety and quality of the product are certainly worth the money and convenient as you don’t have to rack your brain to decide what new to get and then figure out a shop to get it.

Above all, each box has activities where the parents can play with their child. And that is a quality time we all parents look for. Right? Flintobox is one of the education startup stories of India with a good deed.

Click here to order your box today and avail the holiday discount. Spreading awareness about such education startup stories in India and inculcating the use of their services in life will one day lead to a better future.

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