Flintoclass Bagged B Series Funding of $7.2 Million By LightBox Ventures

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‘Who knows the importance of a child’s early education other than their father.’ Flintoclass was founded in 2013 by three fathers Anuprasad Durairaj, Sreenidhi Srinagam, and Vijay Babu Gandhi. They set foot on the mission to attract adequate attention to early age learning. This concept is usually neglected in our education curriculum. 

Flintoclass innovatively combined every necessary aspect of learning into exciting games and activities resulting in blended learning and the overall evolution of a person. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdown has been announced in most parts of the world. The quarantine can result in negative effects on the children under the age of five. Hence, Flintoclass has been outshining in these difficult times in helping to keep children occupied while increasing their brain processing capacity. 

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Till the age of five, the brain grows to its maximum and children can learn the most difficult tasks during these years. However, this science is constantly ignored in the learning systems of many countries. Flintoclass grew from the research, insights, and innovation of Flintobox and has helped parents and kids to change and adapt new, effective ways of learning. Within 1.5 years of establishment, Flintoclass earned 1.5 million customers across the world. The customer base includes about 8 preschools and eight countries. 

The COVID-19 shut all the schools and playing privileges for kids. Moreover, the preschool kit of Flintoclass attracted more customers in the lockdown. Online classes for kinder-gardeners become monotonous and boring but with a monthly course of Flintoclass, children can be indulged in amazing and interesting activities. The kit is assisted with proper instructions, multi-sensory experiments, revision material, progress tracking reports, and various activities. All the experiments and activities are designed under the expert guidance of designers, psychologists, pedology experts, and curriculum developing experts. Learning of child demands a unique style of teaching and Flincto completely abides by it and delivers exceptional results with their kit. 

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Arunprasad Durairaj, CEO and Co-founder said, “We don’t want COVID-19 to come in the way of a child’s learning. For children below 6 years of age, monotonous online classes can’t be a substitute for the multi-sensory experiences that they deserve. We wanted to ensure that children continue receiving structured hands-on learning without compromising on their safety. With our expertise in early childhood education over the past 7 years and an already successful preschool model, we came up with [email protected] — a blended preschool learning experience. Every month, parents receive at their doorstep an easy-to-use preschool kit with daily hands-on activities for children, along with pre-recorded interactive sessions with our educators.”

Flintoclass bagged a B series funding of 7.2 million by Lightbox ventures. Lightbox is a Mumbai-based venture which has invested in many firms in their 12 years tenure in the business. Their investments include Naukri.com, Cleartrip, and closely work with eBay, Goggle, Sony, and a few more. Their investment in Flinctoclass believes to kick-start the learning process at the toddler age. 

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Lightbox Partner, Prashant Mehta said, “By kindergarten, 90% of a child’s brain capacity develops, yet only 10-15% of the funding is allocated towards early learning, globally. The resources for early learning are sparse, and a curriculum with a child-centred pedagogy is rare. At Flinto, we see an opportunity to build a global leader in addressing the unique needs of early learning by co-creating products with children, parents, and educators. We are excited to see that Flinto is becoming more relevant especially during the COVID-19 crisis when the primary place of learning and development is turning out to be home.”