Amazon offers an array of a variety of services to its customers. Amazon has surprised the customers with their spectacular online shopping site, streaming web series and movies on Amazon Prime, the widely used virtual assistant – Alexa and many more. Moreover, the company launched the Amazon Prime free gaming experience for all the prime users in India on May 6th, 2020.

Prime users are entitled to many benefits offered by Amazon. Users of Prime get Amazon deliveries in a day or two i.e. the fasted delivery option without any extra charges. Furthermore, many exclusive shopping deals that Amazon designs only for Prime users. Music streaming and unlimited reading are among the exquisite benefits that Amazon gives to Prime users. Undoubtedly, now they can also enjoy the gaming experience for free.

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How can Prime users access the gaming option?

Prime has created a micro-site to cater to the gaming needs of the users. People can avail the free games available every month. However, They have currently released the games that are available for May.

What is Twitch Account?

Nonetheless, there is a bit of confusion regarding Twitch accounts. One can sign-up on Twitch for free and link to their Prime account. After this, users can scroll down and use all the free gaming experience. The games will be added to the respective library and play these games forever. Indeed, to avail the games one needs to either have a Prime account or a twitch account.

Which are the different games available for Prime users?

  • Fractured Minds
  • Panakpu
  • Avicii Invector
  • Snake Pass
  • Old School Musical
  • A Little Acre
  • Urban Trail Playground
  • Bang Bang
  • Words with friends
  • Mafia City
  • World Cricket Championship 2

Indeed, these freebie games will be updated on twitch and prime accounts. You can refresh and know about the new games that will be available in future.  

Other Gaming Attractions by Amazon Prime

Amazon is planning to add the famous game, Ludo King, to the list as soon as possible. Furthermore, they have tied up with mobile gaming tycoons. Amazon with these game developers will hold tournaments for the users. Amazon will gift the winners of the tournament with exciting prices. 

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Why did Amazon launch the gaming benefit?

Akshay Sahi, Director and Head of Prime Amazon India stated, “With the launch of Prime gaming, we continue to make Amazon Prime more valuable for members in India. We recognize the need for in-game content by mobile gamers to enhance their playing experience and are delighted to provide access to this content FREE to Prime members. We will continue to add new in-game content for other popular games, with frequent content refreshes.”

In conclusion, the company is willingly addressing the audience and their demands. Amazon dreams to be the best online service provider in the near future.

What did Amazon offer gaming option?

Without a doubt, online gaming is the newest and hottest selling idea for the new generation. The percentage of online gaming has risen to great heights. Online gaming is an extensively accepted form of entertainment. Moreover, it keeps the creativity and strategic thinking intact while playing to build a good skill set for individuals.

Benefits of Online Gaming

  • Increases brain speed and memory
  • Build necessary skills
  • People can be social and make more friends while gaming

And many more benefits online gaming gives to its users.

Which other sites offer free gaming?

Amazon is competing with leading shopping brands like Flipcart, who also offer free gaming for its users. However, Amazon is likely to be the most accessed site due to all the services and offers it provides. 


Without a doubt, Amazon is the most preferred shopping site since its launch in July 2013 in India. Not only does the brand offer amazing deals to its customers but also understands the needs of them.

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The company contemplated the worldwide spread pandemic of COVID-19 and to help people cope up with the bizarre lockdown. Hence, Amazon came up with the idea of online free gaming experience for prime users.

Moreover, this will not only keep people entertained during the quarantine but also build a strong customer relationship with the shopping giant – Amazon.

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