To have a smooth and running business you must have synchronized working of your employees. The company runs like a well-oiled machine when each and every employee completes his or her task on time and is employed to do the job which is the best fit for the company. The company is most productive and gives a greater profit in its output. It’s not an easy task if you ask the manager of a company. Nowadays there is free scheduling software that can help out the manager to do the above task. Most of the companies use it as it helps them for planning and scheduling their employees.

As it is free It doesn’t cost the company and makes the work of the manager easier and stress-free. Gone are the days of using pen and paper to manage your employees.

10 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software of 2019

Have a look at ten finest Employee Software of 2019. Do try all of them!

Microsoft Word

Everyone must have heard or used it once in their life. It is a better option for use than the traditional pen and paper. You have to plan it out all on your own as a manager and mail it to your respective employees.

If you have no other option left other than pen and paper then you can go for a word document. Still, it lacks a lot of features and is not the most preferable one.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel provides you with rows and column format for employee scheduling. It provides you with more features to make your task easy.

It is a better replacement for the pen and paper method. You still need to use third-party services to distribute your Excel sheet to another employee. Scheduling employees on a small scale is easy with Excel.

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WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp is one of the most common apps nowadays and is readily available among all the employees. It can be used to schedule employees In terms of groups having fewer members. It cannot be used for the whole organization. Discussion on a specific topic can be done easily taking the viewpoints of each and every member of the group.

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The manager can be the admin of the group and can allocate tasks as per his requirements. Admin can contact any member of the group at any time to know the work progress and the status of the employee.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows being used as free scheduling software for employees with many features. The manager can plan out for all the employees and can share the link for them to see.

They can also edit the scheduling if the manager gives them access. Employees can also comment on the planning of the manager. it makes your schedule go online and is free of cost.


There are different free services available like Gmail Yahoo and Windows Microsoft Outlook. It can help inline distribution to all the employees with their work plan of the week or month. It is a faster service and employees can look upon their mail and work accordingly.

Different data can be shared among the employees and privacy can be maintained among different parts of the organization. Creating shifts, managing time slots can be done easily in the mail service.

Google Calendar

It helps you in reminding of all important events in your life. Your email events are automatically added to the calendar. You can plan out about the work of different employees through the Google calendar.

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To indicate the importance level of the event, color coding can be done. Automatic notifications can be set up to keep your employees informed and maintain the workflow as smooth as possible.

When I work

When I Work was designed keeping in mind the scheduling of the employees. It gives you excellent features regarding employee scheduling. You can keep track of your employees and its free for up to 75 members. It has a drag and drop interface and easy to use UI making it easy to structure the whole scheduling.

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Employees can view it from their software and update it accordingly. It provides a wide range of services including an app. You basically have a separate app for all your employees to inform them about the work at any time, any place.


It is also one of the better employee scheduling software with different features in itself. Trello was designed as a web app where employees can mark their tasks in real-time and managers know it at the same time. It helps you collaborate with your team easily. It helps you to integrate your work with other apps.


It can be seen as an alternative to when I work. it has a similar UI with drag and drop features. There is No limit for the number of employees but the only restriction is they must be working in one location.

It has a basic package for people who want it for free and essential and plus package for people who are ready to pay and use. The free version also has a lot of features.


The best option among the following for employee scheduling is Sling. It features an advanced UI web portal in sync with the Android app for better workflow among the employees.

It is free software and gives you an easy path for scheduling. Some of its features are the Notification system .group chatting, up to date availability. The free app is never going to provide you with so many features as sling does. The sling helps in keeping your team together and maintaining the workflow.

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These are some of the employee scheduling software available for free. I hope next time when you run your business you would use one of these to maintain your check on your employees. it is very helpful knowing the progress of the team and analyzing what could be done to make it better. This free software can make your team more productive and work run smoother than ever.

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