Video Conferencing is an essential tool to help the quarantined world connect. The COVID-19 outbreak has wrecked the working systems of every organization. Online webinars and meetings are the rescue operation to make ‘work from home’ possible. Companies are dependent on screens to communicate and keep work running. Moreover, families and loved ones are less disheartened with the video calling privilege. They can connect, see, and talk to each other over video calls. Well, Hangouts turned Google Meets with 50 million downloads is offering a good video calling experience for many. 

The pandemic lockdown has triggered the video conferencing platforms and there are some serious competitors in the field. People tried their hands on all the available platforms and decide to stick to a one that suits all the needs. 

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As WhatsApp does not permit more than 8 people (recently launched feature), it is ticked off the list for companies. Organizational meetings include more people than a single-digit numbered audience and clearly, WhatsApp does not match the necessity. According to studies, Microsoft Teams are not user friendly as compared to other apps. Teams have witnessed quite a lot of effort and unkempt experience for many users. Hence, Microsoft is not the preferred choice for many. 

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In short, we are left with the two leading colossal warriors fighting to ace the top position. Google Meets and Zoom are rivals trying the best to make work from home easy for everyone. But changes and constant app updates are delaying the decision of the best. 

Lately, Zoom is the go-to option for people around the world due to its easy and amazing user-friendly experience. Until security issues crawled in for Zoom and made things difficult for the app’s survival. But the recent news reveals that Google Meets had over 50 million new downloads. How did that happen? Is Google Meets the new leading online video conferencing app? 

Features Of Zoom and Google Meets 

Google Meets 

Previously known as Hangouts Meet is now known as Google Meets offers great video conferencing experience. Google Meets recently witnessed a new rock block with 50 million downloads. 

The app currently prefaces about 250 participants in a single meeting. The fun part is when a huge number of 10,000 can be an audience to a live streaming meeting. This add-on advantage is available only on Google Meets. 

A free subscription is now available to boost the use of the app. You can host meetings for free till 30th September 2020. A free subscription gives you access to a 60-minute meeting. A brand new feature launched in the app because of the COVID-19 situation. Many more features are added in the app to make the quarantine working hours relax full for employees. 

Screen sharing of documents, presentations is possible via Google Meets and works well for discussions. Moreover, we can see up to 16 people on the screen at the same time which helps in clear and undisrupted communication. Screen recording is currently unavailable on the free subscription. Only G Suite subscribed users can record screens of their meetings. The app is available on the web, android, and iOS. 

Furthermore, you can avail all the advantages with a Google account. Every user must have a Google account. 


Zoom has boomed its customer base amid lockdown. Currently, the app has 200 million users daily across the world. The app gives a hustle free meeting experience. Be it a meeting, the family gets together, school, or any art class. 

  • 100 participants in one meeting. With multiple hosts, the limit extends up to 500 people. 
  • 40 minute free meetings for all the users.  
  • Screen Sharing
  • Screen recording
  • 49 people visibility at one time
  • Available on Macbooks, web, android, and iOS. 

Zoom offers an exclusive video conferencing experience. 

Why are people turning to Google Meets?

A security breach is a serious issue of concern for many Zoom users. People share confidential information via video calls and security cannot be compromised at any point. Governments of many countries and states defied the use of zoom to protect their citizen’s privacy. Zoom is responsible for heinous privacy invasion. Moreover, the conversation’s on the app does not provide end-to-end encryption. Zoom hasn’t been able to disclose the vulnerabilities of the app. U.S District Court for the Northern District of California has filed a legal case against the same. 

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However, Meets approves substantial security and end-to-end encryption. Since Google also offers all the required elements of a great video calling app, it is preferred by the netizens globally. In short, invasion of privacy and security need significant argument and Google Meets announces victory in these sensitive aspects. 

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