The unexpected health emergency that has made the entire world go underground has taken a toll on the education sector. All the students are not allowed to go to their schools, universities or colleges. All the places are under lockdown and nobody can leave their houses. The world is now heading to online teaching.

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Since the classes have to be continued because this situation would lead to the loss of the student’s whole year. The social media platforms have come to the rescue in this crisis. Online teaching was already in light for quite a few people. Many people across the globe took online classes because they could not attend college due to their work or home. But today each student is taking online classes.

There are many apps that people are trying to connect over to teach their students. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Meetups, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more apps have been very useful at this very moment.

This shift from real-time teaching to online teaching was unexpected and is challenging for the professors as well as the students. But each one is trying to do their best in the time of crisis.

Let us know what are the drawbacks and the highlight of this unusual change of online teaching the entire world is facing together.

Network Issues

The network in many places cannot be trusted completely. So it is quite difficult for everyone to connect with a proper connection. Either the video or audio lags even id one of the person’s net bandwidth doesn’t match the required frequency. Hence this has proved as a serious problem.

Limited Slots

In live online sessions, there is a limit of people connected over the same call. If there are about sixty students in the class then all of them cannot be added at the same time. This is very challenging for professors to teach different slots. The professors are finding it very difficult to teach all the students of different classes.

Understanding the Lessons

The doubt clearance is the most difficult part. Face-to-face understanding will always be preferred over a virtual class. A slight lag in the audio or the video will lead to not understanding the question or the explanation by either party. So overcoming this problem has been a very challenging one for online teaching amid coronavirus.

Recorded Virtual Classes

All the professors have been under immense pressure to record videos and make sure the content reaches the students. But some professors are camera-conscious and it takes a lot of time to record videos if they are not able to do live classes. Hence, this a challenging phase fro the traditional professors to blend with the online and virtual world.

Parents should be Calm

The major role played in this scenario is the parents. Parents have to make sure they are calm in this situation and do not pressurize the faculty or the students for the completion of syllabus. Each one is under anxiety and fear of life in this health pandemic so parents have to make sure they understand the situation and coordinate accordingly.

Students are Finding it better

The students have loved the idea of virtual classes as they do not have to travel to school and tuitions back and forth. This is saving a lot of energy and time for students. If the lockdown is unlikely, then quite a few percents of students would still prefer online classes by which they can do some co-curricular activities in their lives.

Be Prepared

Many schools were already inclined towards virtual learning and so they are not facing problems. But many universities were not prepared for this situation. They are also trying to do their best in this situation. So no one knows how long the war with COVID-19 will continue hence, schools and universities should be prepared for a long run of virtual teaching.

Reports have also said that even if COVID-19 is completely eradicated the concept of social distancing will continue. Hence, the schools might not open any soon. Let us all be prepared and lay foundations for the world of online teaching.

Bring each student to the same page

There might be many unfortunate students that cannot connect online because of lack of devices, connection or any other reasons. The fellow students or the universities must find a way out and make sure all the students are tuned into online teaching. Let no one is left behind in education during this war.

Make the Learning interesting

Even if the professors take ample time before each session then be it. But making online classes interesting is very important. If students start to lose grip over their academics, this will be a huge problem for the human race. Our youngsters might become lazy and neglect the concept of learning. Hence, it is important to make the classes interesting as much as possible.

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The world is under a health pandemic and each one is expected to maintain social distancing. We are trying to find new ways to reach out to each other and make the best out of this situation. The world is together in the era of online teaching. Stay home, stay safe.

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