How Industries In India Will Resume Operations Amid Lockdown

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After more than 50 days under lockdown, the Narendra Modi government of India has rigorously worked on how to start the down-falling economy of India. The center has shown more concern regarding the economy due to the recent study of WHO that COVID-19 will affect the developing countries the most. Furthermore, after continuous discussions with the State Chief Ministers, some of the industries are allowed to work in the relaxed lockdown 3.0. The extended lockdown till 17th May has come with relaxations for some industries resuming work in the relaxed lockdown.

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All the parts of India are distinguished on the basis of COVID-19 cases present into red, orange, green, and containment zones. Green zones are witnessing an easy start to the industries but the orange and red zones are struggling because of the fear of the virus prevailing around the country. Containment zones are not allowed to start any industries as per the government norms to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Why was it important to kick start the industries?

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has shown the urgent necessity to start a few industries due to the situation of migrant workers and also the depletion of essential items. To cater to the pandemic lockdown the restart of some industries is a must.

Adhering to the virus spread, the central government has decided to slowly start the industries with utmost health precautions and social distancing. Also, the center has ordered that only 33% of employees can be present in the workplace. 

Let us know about the industries resuming work in the relaxed lockdown 3.0. 

There is a partial resumption on the lockdown of industries. The lockdown is relaxed with guidelines and rules to be followed to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

Multi-National Companies

Few multi-national companies have started work in the relaxed lockdown. There are strict guidelines and rules to be followed to start work. 

  • Only 33% workforce can come to the office
  • All the employees to be 6 feet away and maintain social distancing
  • Avoid the use of elevators
  • Employees can work in shifts with an hour break in between. Complete sanitization of the workplaces.
  • Masks and sanitizers a compulsory. 
  • Extensive use of Aarogya Setu 
  • Thermal screening and testing employees before entering the workplace

The guidelines built to maintain the health of people across the country. Companies found violating these norms will face serious action amidst the pandemic lockdown. 

What are the marketing strategy changes?

MNC’s have to closely study and understand the needs of people and cater to the necessary things for them. All companies have started to work and modify marketing strategies to meet the needs of people. Quarantined at home for over two months, companies are trying to keep in touch with clients and customers via social media and building a strong relationship in these difficult times. 

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Tips for lockdown marketing

  • Give a helping hand to people struggling to keep up with the crisis. This will win you more customers than ever before. 
  • Improve and optimize your online presence, it will help to resume work easily post lockdown.
  • Make relevant ads but don’t irritate or frustrate them with repetition of news. 
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Understand the situation and plan for future 
  • Read and read more to make an effective COVID-19 marketing plan and a post-COVID-19 marketing plan as well.

Companies need to modify their marketing strategies according to the situation and also predict the future and work towards it. This will help in keeping the business afloat and you will not lose time if the lockdown is lifted completely. 

This is the way industries resuming work in the relaxed lockdown.

Other Industries

The main aim to restart other industries is to create employment and uplift the situation of migrant workers and daily wagers. Moreover, the center is taking steps to save the economy.

  • Agricultural work with social distancing
  • Coal, oil, and mineral industries will start. 
  • Banks and ATMs to operational for liquidity in the market. 
  • Encouraging online learning
  • Daily essential industries to start work with serious precautions
  • Government offices to function with a restricted count of people. 

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All the industries are trying to fight the pandemic and keep the work unaffected but COVID-19 is a strong opponent and we are fighting hard to keep up with it. All the industries have modified their marketing strategies to help the market in the pandemic lockdown. 

I hope you have gained enough information about how industries resuming work in the relaxed lockdown.