If your business is not online then no one can help you build your business. It is utterly important that you are online and most importantly you are on Google. If you are not available on Google people might think your business is fake or unreliable. When someone has a query about your business or someone is interested in a similar business the first thing he/she will do is search on Google. If you are not available there, then alas you are losing out on customers. Know how to claim your business on Google, right away!

This proves that the modern and digital era expects each business to be online and if not then it is a huge loss for you. Google being the largest SEO giant in the world is because it is the first preference of people to search when they need something. Being on Google is a minimal investment with the greatest returns.

Hence, we will learn about how to claim your business on google. You can follow these guidelines and claim your business without any hassles.

How to claim your business on Google?

Step 1

Make a Gmail Account

You have to have a business Gmail account to register your business on google. Without a Gmail business account, you will not be able to register. Create an account with the name of your business.

The most used format is ‘[email protected]’. This does not create any confusion for anyone who is searching for you or anyone who is trying to contact you.

Step 2

Turn your computer on and search Google my Business in chrome. Log in with your business Gmail account and then click on ‘Next’

Step 3

You can now search for your business name in the search box provided. Since your business is not added to google there are chances that your business will not available in the options.

You have to add your business in that case. There will be a few questions about your business type like business type – services, restaurant, deliver, jewellery brand, clothing, shopping, etc. yOu need to specific proper details about your business.

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If you fail to provide proper details then google will not be able to filter your business according to people’s searches. Hence, be careful while providing information.

Suggestion – You need to search and check google before deciding your business name. if someone else has the same name then you will not get the domain for the same name. Either you create a new name or add something more to your already existing name.

Step 4

You have to add the address of your business. If you are working from a specific office space than the address needs to be added to let people know about your location. If you have more than one addresses than you can add all of them and make your presence stronger for the customers that are looking for your services in different areas.

Step 5

Add on google maps. You will be shown the area of google maps of your business area and if your business does not appear or you cannot see the area, then tap on the ‘Add a missing place’ and add your business name and the area of your business.

Step 6

You have to provide the details of your business. You will be shown a dropbox where you need to fill all the required details of your business.

  • Name
  • Type
  • Contacts
  • Category
  • Address

And a few more questions about your business for the google search engine to recognize and filter your business accordingly.

Step 7

Once everything is done, you have to click claim your business and it will take around 24 hours for your business to appear on google.

Step 8

Once you have successfully claimed your business then you have to verify your business. If in future you want to make any changes to your business, for example, contact numbers or anything for that verification is very important.

There are different ways to get the verification code. You might get it from the mail, a phone call, a message or a physical postcard to your business location. Once you have entered the verification code then you will fully claim your business on google and you will be eligible to make changes to it in future.

Step 9

Manage your business page. Add all your social media links properly to it and make sure no customer is confused about your services.

Once you have claimed your business you make all the neglected changes and present an impeccable business to your customers

Step 10

Add the photographs! You have to make your business look approachable and glamorous. If you have a restaurant, add pictures of your ambience, food and happy customers eating your food. This will create a great impact on your business.

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These were the steps to be followed to claim a business on google. Hope you understood all the steps. Go ahead and make your business online and make the best use of online google listing.

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