How to improve your mobile application? Make your application stand out in the market with our suggestions of ideas and implement them for the best results. Study the list of MVP (Most Valuable Player) features your application offers. Find the loopholes and therefore, try to fill them with the right features and approach.

All the basic features should be clear and understood by the user at the first go. Users have many other apps to go to but nevertheless, you have to attract them by making their work easier.

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Consider these points to improve your app and attract more users.

Define the benefits of the app

Directly asking for registration from users without giving them a valid reason is a complete – No. Undoubtedly, you need to explain the users in detail about the benefits, uses and advantages they will avail by using the application. Failing to do this will result in loss of interested users or members.

Simplify the App Design

Do not complicate the life of the user! Make things easier for them to use. A simplified app design will help to this. In short, users will recommend apps that were easy to use and gave them the best results. If your app fails to do this than you are running slow in the race.


Who does not like options? Well, everyone likes when presented with options. Hence, the registration process of the app should give users the freedom to choose. They can choose the most accessible and easy way according to their choices and interests.

In conclusion, you can give them quite a few options.

  • Sign in Google
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email ID
  • Phone Number

A ‘forgot password’ is very necessary for an app. Users should be able to retrieve or change their passwords in case they forget their passwords. To sum up, improve your mobile application with registrations.

Search Options

A search bar is important for the users, this saves their time and effort they would lose on scrolling to get to what they needed. Hence, providing a search bar is essential.

With an increase in streaming options diversion is possible. Overall, The chances are high that the user might switch to some other app if they cannot find the apt video or movie to watch.

Search Options can be

  • Age
  • Preference
  • Location
  • Language
  • Artists
  • Popularity
  • Trending

And many more.

The search options will help the users to decide, as a result, confusion and wastage of time are avoided.


It is difficult to remember things when everyone has a fast-paced life. You can make things easy for the customers by giving them the option to turn on notifications if they schedule to watch something.

Moreover, users will not miss anything. Notifications and schedules are very important for the engagement of the users. This will keep the users intact and reduce the diverting audience from going to any other app.


Privacy is a key element, as a rule, in today’s digital era. The users want to choose people who they want to share their content with. Hence, apps should adhere to user requirements and give them options to choose from. Users should be able to segregate people they want to share their content.

The options should be aligned according to

  • One specific person
  • A specific list of people
  • Geological sharing
  • Everyone except a few

All these options will attract users as their content is broadcasted according to their will and wish with specifically chosen people. One can definitely improve a mobile application using this option.

Quality Choice

The app namely, should consider the quality choices because it differs according to device services and the internet each one is connected to. If the quality of internet deteriorates complying to network issues, location, etc then the person will not be able to watch anything. Thus, a choice of quality should be provided to the users.

Viewers can watch it according to their need and preference. Briefly, if someone does not want to watch the video but want to listen to the song, he/she can turn down the video quality and avoid the buffering for a hassle-free experience.

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Few more points to answer how to improve your mobile application.


An app should allow the communication of people therefore, providing the service of comments is expected from the apps. This will increase customer engagement on your app. Transparent flow of content will be recognized.

Personal Profiles

Firstly, a personal profile is not very important for an app. But when a person creates his/her profile and mentions their interests it is easier for the app to show them videos or broadcasts that suit their preferences and choices. Therefore, the app can decipher their interests by their browsing.

Questions like

  • Full name
  • Username
  • Desktop Picture

And further

  • Field of interests
  • Choice of artists
  • Favourite genre
  • Preferred Language

UI/UX Design

With UI and UX you can make your app a problem-solving platform with excellent interactive interfaces, creativity and building excitement. Improving the UI and UX design regularly is recommended by the successful designers and app owners.

On the whole, you cannot attract more users with the same services and options. Creating new variations and options is the need to keep your users intact. It is very important to be creative and try new things regularly. As a result, this will improve the mobile application and help reach the success level you desire.

Import Contacts

Importing contacts from the phonebook or social media makes it very easy for the users to find their friends and family. This is a tested and trusted option offered by various live-streaming apps. You should also try to bring this on board and make the best use of it.

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However, we hope your question about how to improve your mobile application have been answered.

All the best!

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