How to Network Your Business?

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Business networking is effectual and productive marketing with low expense. With intrigued study and analysis, experts concluded with a statement that ‘ Your network is your net-worth.’ Even after a century of penning down the importance of networking for businesses to grow, each day it is proving its foreseen value. As rightly said by Charles Revson, “At the factory, we make products, at the store we sell hope.” The craft of networking nourishes the underlying promises residing behind every sale.

Networking ignites opportunities of recommendation, referrals and sales funded by a well-built contact list. With serious technological intervention, businesses tend to overlook physical networking. Face-to-face meetings, parties, gatherings, business meets and conferences deal better profits in the long run rather than a seller hiding behind a screen.

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Remember, it’s not about what you send on devices but who you meet and know.

Traditional and online advertising face adverse circumstances in reaching potential prospects. A network of contacts magnifies the chances of reaching the decision-makers of future sales. Post a car sale, the company and salesperson tend to ignore the customer calculating the rational facts and possibilities of them returning to buy another new car. However, why don’t companies retain the customers in dissimilar ways?

Existing customers can unleash the potential to reach new potential decision-makers. Those decision-makers can lead you to a new set of customers. The cycle is never-ending and hence, converting the customers from a sale to an asset is an exhaustive decision.

Net-‘working’ needs quite a lot of hard work.

How to convert customers to clients?

Value of Word of Mouth Marketing

Human beings trust and rely on friend, acquaintance or colleague recommendation over any advertisement. If you do not indulge in customer engagement after transactional business, it is a great loss. A happy and satisfied customer will eventually forget about the company and the dealership process. But smart business managers will surprise the customer base on their birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions with offers and coupons. As a result, the company is subconsciously reliving the customer interaction and when while suggesting the person will recommend you. The best method to build an amazing network for your business.

Set Up Meetings

Decipher customer with their details, body language and gestures and set up meetings with them to nurture the relation forward. A powerful, interested and capable customer can be pitched with a business deal to flourish your business effectively. Surprise visits t can work wonders to build business recognition with the obelisk of individual acknowledgement.

Leaky Bucket Theory

The theory demonstrates a bucket filled with water and has holes on the bottom and sides, i.e Bucket is business and Water are customers. The water will keep flowing with the addition of new customers or otherwise. Each business can either add new customers to keep the business afloat or block a few holes and retain customers. Firms work parallel to situation, demands and market trajectory.

Earn Referrals

A referral is a recommendation with personal confidence and is different from a lead. You need referrals, not leads. Referrals descend the introductory and convincing efforts and directly pitch you or the product for purchase. Hence, referrals should be seriously considered.

Regular customers usually sideline products used for a longer period because the market is flooded with new attractions. Therefore, providing customers with valuable add-ons after purchase to keep referrals coming is a necessary and smart approach.

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Know the right way to network your business with these steps.

4 A’s of Business Marketing

The customer perspective of business is designed and formulated with the 4 A’s of marketing. Aspects of the terminology revolve around the touchpoints of concern for customers hailing from any part. The 4A framework enhances the business process by recognizing the wants and needs of the customers. An undefeatable blend to understand what the product or marketing lacks can be derived from this process.


Acknowledging and perceiving the matter of acceptability of the product according to the psychological approach, satisfactory features, needs of the target audience and cultural acceptance. However, the new inventions consider the needs of customers and devise their product or service. For example, people never knew the concept of cars but they needed one.


Brand and product awareness through various platforms. The penetration of information to the target customers needs analyzing. Companies should track how many people have the information reached and how many more does it need to reach. According to the results, further marketing processes can be moulded.


Can the target audience afford the product? If yes, will they want to shell the sum of money for your product? Questions need adequate answers for product sales to see a rise eventually after awareness.


Potential customers should be able to easily access the product. Unavailability can stimulate ignorance towards the product. Hence, making the availability of the product is necessary.

Follow the amazing steps mentioned above for the best approach to network your business in an effective way.

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Hope this article enlightens you with the right approach to network your business.