Valuation of a business includes the consideration of investment, profits, assets, industry and many other things that will help you estimate the value of any business. Undoubtedly, this is very important when you start a new business or even when buying an established business. The value of the business determines how profitable it is for the market and the people working for it.

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All the businesses follow up on the valuation of the business regularly to find out the market value of the business and then strategize their plans according to the pitfalls they discovered and work to increase the value of the business.

Let us see how to value a business with these methods

The business Assets

The basic measurement of business value will be the assets it owns. This can include all the equipment and inventory that the business owns right now. But also has to exclude or subtract the debts or loans the company has to pay. But the business is always way more valuable than only the assets.

Comparing with the market

You can identify and define the value of a business by comparing it with a similar business of the same sector and industry. Compare it with the sales and profits the other business is making, this will give you an insight into the profits and sales of your business and will understand the value of the business.

The Revenue checkup

Calculate how much revenue the business generates annually and then analyze the value of your business. This can be done with the help of a stockbroker or a financial advisor. They will help you understand the worth of the company in today’s value.

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Do not stick to the financial formulas

The business also needs to be valued according to its geographical factors, the creativity and future potential in the market. Sometimes, you have to go beyond the financial cash crunches and make sure that you know the potential of your business.

Market Capitalization         

This is the easiest way to find the value of the business. Market capitalization has calculated the shares of the company multiplied by the total number of shares outstanding of the company. This is the standard form of understanding the valuation of the business.

Times Revenue Method

This method is significantly a different and smart way to approach valuing a business. Analyze the revenues generated from various streams and over a certain span of time and apply it to a multiplier that differs from industry to industry. This will help you understand the revenue your different sales ideas are making.

Net Present Value Calculator

By using an online “Net Present Value Calculator” you can look at the business’s annual cash flow and project it into the future and discount the future cash flow to today. Though this is a complex formula but will help you know the exact net value of the business in the market. This is also known as the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis.  

Earnings Multiplier Method

Since we know that the profits will give us a vivid idea about the value of the business than the sales, this method revolves around the same idea. In brief, it adjusts the P/E rates according to get the current interest rates. This idea is successful because the profits are more reliable than the sales of the company.

Shareholder’s Equity

The book value of the business is shown by subtracting the liabilities of the company form all the assets of the company. The balance sheet statements show the value of each shareholder’s equity of the company.

Value after Liquidation

Furthermore, The net of the company can be derived if all the assets and profits were liquefied and all the liabilities were paid off, the remaining amount will be the exact net worth of the company right now.

How to choose the right method?

Valuing a business is a very subjective concept. This depends on various factors and you need to study and understand which method is the best for you.

  • The type of ownership – Proprietorship, partnership, shareholders, etc
  • Your industry – Each industry has different demands and a different approach to valuation. Study and choose the best one for you.
  • Type of business – If you are a startup or an established business, choose your method that suits the current situation of your business.
  • Market – Know who you are catering to and this will clear a few loopholes on which method to choose for your business.
  • Choose the method accordingly to your business branches (if any) and also you have only one outlet or one shop or factory.

Moreover, these are the ways you can choose the best method for valuing our business.

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You have read all the possible methods to choose from according to your business type and business industry. Hope this study helps you value your business currently. Make the best out of this information.

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