Since the entire world, a witnessing an unimaginable health crisis and most of the world is under lockdown. The lockdown has affected all the business sectors in some or other way. The economy of countries are crashing and the world is going through a traumatic health pandemic. Online shopping amid the lockdown is transitioning to work in world that lives with coronavirus.

This emergency has caused adverse effects on online shopping as well. Since the complete shutdown of travel and movement of not cars but also people has led to complete hold on deliveries from online stores. The stores are unable to deliver people because of zero access to shipping and travel.

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The manufacturing units are unable to manufacture products because they have no access to raw materials. Also, the workforce cannot work due to social distancing. All the manufacturing units have called a complete shutdown adhering to COVID-19.

Also, manufacturing cannot be done from home. All these reasons have led to the hit to the online shopping industry.
Amidst all the chaos, there are a few prominent changes and trends that the online shopping sector has gone through. Today we will talk about the various things that have changed in the online shopping sector due to the worldwide lockdown.

Let us know about the changes and trends in the online shopping sector.

Daily Essentials have seen a 200% Hike

The daily essentials do not fall under the lockdown norms. These things are still being delivered to the citizens for the need of survival. Also, the manufacturing of these commodities is being done under serious scrutiny and sanitization. Most of the daily shops are running out of stock hence people have started ordering online for daily essentials.

Hygiene and Healthcare

All the hygiene products such as sanitizers, soaps and many such things. Since the COVID-19 has made sanitization an important thing to survive, people across the globe have started using sanitizers daily. This has led to a hike in the demand for hygiene and healthcare products.

Lifestyle Products witness Loss

The serious conditions of the lockdown due to health emergency diverted people from non-essential things. The lifestyle style sector has seen a 20-25% low in this season. People do not find it important at the moment to buy lifestyle products such as clothes, shoes, perfumes, glares, etc hence the dip in sales.

People are Saving Money for Future

The citizens of the world have noticed the crashing economy of their countries and have foreseen the lack of liquid money in future. This is the main reason people are trying to save money and not spend on non-essential things. People want to make sure they have plenty of essential products in their homes than any extraneous items. This has led to a downfall for the online shopping industry.

Family Products over Individual Products

All the products that can be utilized by the family have seen growing graph but things that can only be used by a single person are no more in demand. People have started ordering things that can be used by the entire family so that there is no wastage of money at this critical time.

Electronics are in Demand

Since the lockdown electronic products have seen an unreal hike in the sales. All these electronic things are used for entertainment and are helping people cope in their house arrest. Video games, television sets, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. Since the entire IT sector is working from home, the need for more laptops has skyrocketed in this COVID-19 lockdown.

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Online shopping amid the lockdown is a different game and needs a change of strategies. These are few changes shopping sites can follow and glorify their business.

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