Different IT Skills You must Have In 2020

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Predicting the future of IT jobs with the growing dominance of information technology is our day to day lives. With its growth, IT is now demanding a skill set from every individual planning to work in the IT hub.

Why do people struggle in IT work life? It is because our colleges have ignored the skills apart from knowledge and learning that shape the personality of an IT individual.

Taking you across the skills that are mandatory for one to excel in the industry. Let’s have a look at the few skills you should inculcate before stepping into the world of information technology.

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When working in IT, the ability to write codes is essential. Employer seeks a candidate that can code in many different languages. It is important to know various coding languages because systems are made by combining a few languages.

Even if the job description is not for a coder, an IT professional is expected to at least have the basic working languages of HTML and C++. One must understand the working of systems to manage projects in case any problem persists.


The myth that IT professionals live their lives behind the screen and comfortably inside a cubicle should be reconsidered. The IT hub asks each one of you to work in groups and teams. This demands a lot of communication and well-being of a team. To be able to communicate across a group of people is a must needed skill in IT.

Time Management

Every IT professional struggles to keep up with the ticking clock. However, if you master the clock than there is no stopping you. Managing deadlines, meetings, teams, etc demands a multitasking version of you.

Complex Problem-Solving Ability

In the world where machines seem to take over human beings, nonetheless, machines do not possess the ability to think and solve problems.

The skill of being able to come up with different solutions for one single problem is looked up to in the IT industry. However, you can gain mastery over this skill with immense hard work, persistence and experience.

Critical Thinking

The ability to analyze, evaluate the pros and cons of a problem before passing a certain judgement is without a doubt a necessary skill. Not only do you need patience but also a good observation power. Critical thinking helps you stand out and not just believe other people’s opinions.


Undoubtedly creativity is the cherry on the cake. Although machines make our work easier and faster, they cannot be creative. Every project or program needs a person who can cut the mainstream work and add some creativity to it.

People Management

When working with a group of people besides being opinions there might be conflicts. In such cases, one should be able to work with unlike people together at the same time.

Along with coordination, there should be a coalition of decisions and ideas.


Pathing a discussion that favours your goals and ideas without any argument with another party is a key skill. In spite of being the best in the field, many fail to make the necessary deals or agreements because they lack negotiation skills. You should be able to argue convincingly to seek the approval of another party.

Cloud Computing

Cloud has changed the game so far in the industry. There is an evident use of cloud computing across the globe. Cloud is the intersecting point of data analytics, project management, cybersecurity, etc which can enable the linking of work with each department.

The use of cloud computing has helped using AI(Artificial Intelligence) and IoT(Internet of Thing) to its maximum level. Cloud skills are much needed in the industry, on the other hand, fewer experts to fill the vacancies.


Accelerating the use of cloud computing. Virtualization can decrease the expense of the IT companies and increase the agility of the technology at our disposal.

Emotional Intelligence

The potential to understand people’s reactions and actions is important to posses because neither the robots can do it nor an inept person. The impact of your thoughts and actions on others plays a significant role for a candidate.


The threat of data breach affects the trust of customers and can motivate them to switch the online platforms that they use. This will directly affect the business of many IT firms. The hiring of cybersecurity is the most challenging one to do. Though they are paid well there are fewer experts in the industry.

Analytics and Data management

The growing skill of data management and analytics is a necessary IT skill because most of the companies are trying to be data-driven.

This process and culture of information have evolved the patterns and trends of the IT culture. Data analytics plays a key role in many critical discussions and decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will be an important investment for the coming years. With the increasing workload on the IT professionals, there is a need and demand to develop systems that cut the menial work so that they can concentrate and bring better results for the core responsibilities.


The ability to build a network with people inside and outside the firm proves to be favourable to your work life. Networking gives and individual the flexibility and adaptability to different versions of the industry.

After reading this article, I hope you have an idea about the prevailing necessary skills of the IT industry. Being skilful is as important as being learned. Let’s do this!