Top 25 Small Scale Home Based Manufacturing Business Ideas of 2021

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Charity begins at home and so does your small -scale or manufacturing business. Today the world is filled with entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs may be on a large scale business idea or invented something new. Most of them have made living out of small scale business ideas and turning them into a big one and manufacturing them to the customer’s expectations.

You have to think properly before entering into any domain of home-based business. The money will not come easily in today’s business. You have to invest smartly and choose your business properly so that it can give you something in return. Once your home-based business starts running smoothly you can be happy that your risks and investments have paid off.

Let’s see the best manufacturing business ideas in the market

A home-based manufacturing business is very popular nowadays to earn instant money and have your own business setup. There are lots of home-based manufacturing ideas today that people are following and earning money.

Potato chips making business

Everybody likes to eat home-cooked food. Potato chips are one of the most saleable food items in the market today. Everybody likes to buy a packet of potato chips. if it is home-cooked it is Cherry on top.

You can see people buying and eating it at any time of the day. it is a great idea to start your home-based business manufacturing potato chips. If your product is highly liked by your customers your home-cooked chips can become a small brand in your city.

Toy Manufacturing

You love playing with toys and want to have your own toy shop at home you can go for it. You can manufacture toys with different materials that make it attractive to small kids.

It will help you to earn a good amount of money by manufacturing toys at your home.

Jeans Manufacturing

If you have knowledge about the textile industry and want to have your own home-based clothes shop you can go for jeans. Everybody likes buying good jeans.

If your shop can meet up to the expectations of the customer’s latest fashion style and trend, it will give you a huge income. You can also convert it afterwards to other clothes to make more profit out of it.

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It helps you to make a lot of money once your online course becomes famous among students in your field.

Jewellery Making

This is one of the best manufacturing business ideas available in the market today. Jewellery is very famous among women and they tend to buy it on different occasions.

You can make handmade jewellery at your own cost with the help of different machinery. If your jewellery has the style and sense that the women demand then this business can be a huge success for you.

Ice-cream & Chocolate Making

Everybody likes to hang out with friends and have some chocolates and ice cream. If you can manufacture it at a low cost and still win the test of your customers you can make a good business out of it.

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Your shop can be the desert stoppage of the city and people would love to come and hang out at your place enjoy some delicious ice creams and chocolates.

Makeup Manufacturing

You can earn a lot of money by selling makeup items. You can even open your own parlour shop at your home if people start liking your makeup items.

Your shop can be famous among women in the city. They will tend to buy the makeup items and beauty products from your shop.

Incense Sticks 

A very easy to scale home manufacturing business idea is making incense sticks. Once you decide on a formula and all your ingredients making your incense sticks in bulk won’t be an issue even from home. They are such customizable and subjective products that you can build a small and yet strong clientele and work from there. 

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Herb and spice mixes

India is known for its spices and herbs. Every housewife has a different technique and way of making her personal spice mix based on her and her family’s palette. But in today’s modern world, many women don’t have the time to do so. Selling spice and herb mixes is a great way of incorporating a home-made feel to all food. Be it house-wives or students and hostelites, your clients will love your homemade spice mixes. 


Wearable and trendy shoes are always in business! You can create shoes from a variety of different materials. Focus on a few styles of shoe and you can probably create an assembly line process to boost production.

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Eco-friendly cutlery

Be it bamboo forks and spoons to paper or leaf plates, organic nature-friendly cutlery is a big hit. Moulds and materials aside, making these is easy. Letting these dry out needs space, and time but they can be made in bulk even if they are manufactured at home. Selling this in bulk for parties or these could be packaged as gifts for the festival season. This is not just a good business idea but also great for the environment. 

Customised mobile cases

Mobile cases are personal accessories. People love to have colourful or designed cases which talk about their personalities. Printing illustrations or name on phone cases can be done easily with a specific printer. You can sell these online and even create some unique designs. 

Illustrations and drawings

If you are an artist, you can make drawings as a gift item. You can market online and take orders along with images and draw and ship your gifts all over the world! From illustrations to pencil sketches, from animations to cartoons you can sell your art pieces and grow yourself a dedicated clientele cause once you have an illustration you just cannot have enough. 


Candles are very trendy. Many people are getting into aromatherapy and are crazy about candles. Candle making is an easy process for the trained ones and you can dabble with exciting flavours, colours and fragrances. 


Organic skincare is all the rage. You can manufacture scrubs, masks, creams and even skincare kits from home if you know your ingredients and their benefits. Natural beauty is the best when it comes to skincare. All natural ingredients have some amazing skin benefits that can only be enhanced by mixing them together. An entire skincare routine can be worked around simple diy natural skincare products. 

Jams and chutneys

Every cook can bottle up their jams, pickles and chutneys and sell them even around their own building. The manufacturing gets cheaper if done in bulk. They taste very good and a great way of preserving seasonal produce. Jams and pickles are loved all over the country and everyone is always looking for their perfect pickles. 

Hand-made paper

Decorative handmade paper is not just easy to make but also good for the environment. You can use waste paper and colour to make an interesting design that can be used for projects and letters. Colourful papers with leaves or flowers pressed in them sell very well as stationery and are sweet gifts as well! 

Hand sanitisers and soaps

2021 is going to be all about the soaps. Fragrant sanitisers and soaps will walk right off the shelves. They are easy to make at home for a trained professional and there are so many creative ways of making them that there is no limitation to this business. You can use different moulds and colours to make your soaps a different shape. You can also add stuff to your sanitizers to make them more appealing. 

Cotton bud

Cotton buds are made up of cotton swabs attached to the ends of a stick. They can be assembled quickly and are essential in every household. Earbuds are those “just in case” small things which are rarely searched for in the house, you end up using one because you saw the box. It’s the same when you sell them, they don’t need elaborate ads, any shopper who passes by tends to pick a set up “just in case”. 


Very married women in India use bindis daily. From sizes to shapes and colours to using a better adhesive there are many ways of making the perfect bindis. These will have a huge market and a lot of scope for expansion as the business grows. Bindi makers can play around with a variety of colours and designs while also making the staples which are a sure-shot sell. Bindis are one of those make-up products that will never go out of style as they are more of an essential than an accessory. 


Papads are made deliciously by the women in India. They put so much effort into this while doing it from home and managing other responsibilities. Lijjat papad used to be manufactured from homes when it began. Papad making needs a lot of skill and more patience but the results are with it. You can also try experimenting with your recipe or come up with healthier alternatives. 

Gifting and packaging 

From gift bags to stickers and envelopes, many gifting packaging items can be made at home. You can put all your creativity and come up with unique designs every time! These gift items add a personal touch and look way more sophisticated than the flimsy plastic glossy wrapping paper. 


People who can sew can make face masks from any scrap fabric they find. Now that masks are so essential, everyone is looking for ways to better their fashion. A mask with a funky design is always preferred over a clinical blue one.  You may read this to know more about face mask business.

Tissue papers and wipes

Products made from homemade paper are trusted way more. Organic tissue paper and wipes are beauty essentials that everyone needs. Choose to create an authentic natural brand and scale your business. 


Microbreweries make stout beer, wine and other drinks. A mixologist can package their mixes and sell them to enthusiasts. A drink brewed with love tastes way better than machine-made bulk-manufactured drinks. 

Meal boxes with recipes 

With many people working from home and buying groceries a meal box is the best solution. You pick out the best ingredients to make your recipes and pack them into boxes, this can also be customised according to the number of people in the family. 

These are some of the small scale and home-based manufacturing business ideas in the market today. I hope this article can help people to make them establish their own business. I hope after reading this article you might be interested in opening your own home-based business and create a significant brand name soon.