Joe Biden appointed Medha Raj an Indian- American as his 2020 Presidential campaign’s digital chief. This was a historic moment for many Indian people to see the future in the US Presidential offices. After Raj Shah and Manisha Shah, the participation of Indian Americans in political campaigns is extensively increasing.

Presidential Elections of US 2020

The US presidential elections are scheduled for November 2020. However, the pandemic outbreak all over the world has forced the campaigns to go completely online. Medha Raj will hold Joe Biden’s virtual/digital campaign. “Excited to share that I’ve joined Joe Biden’s campaign as the Digital Chief of Staff. 130 days to the election and we’re not going to waste a minute,” Raj wrote on her LinkedIn profile. She will be performing a pivotal role in the virtual campaign for Joe Biden in the US elections.

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Increase of Novel Coronavirus in the US

The coronavirus cases in the US stand at 3.05 million with fatal death of more than 133k people. With the vaccine still at human trails and not being completely available for use, the cases seem to increase daily. U.S.A recorded a fatality rate of 4.55% and hence, it is advised by the government to still hold lockdown for a longer period. But the presidential campaign could not be held for any longer, hence the decision to start a virtual campaign was taken.

Role Of Medha Raj in the Campaign

Medha Raj will scrutinize and work across all the aspects of the digital section and harvest great outputs of the campaign. The culture of rallies, door-to-door campaigns, etc was all bought at a halt due to social distancing norms. Furthermore, the digital campaign will include live streaming speeches, online fundraisers and many more strategically planned online events. Increasing the reach by digital advertising will be a challenging task but there is no other way in the pandemic situation.

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The Indian-originated, Medha Raj holds an exceptional political career in the USA. She recently worked for Buttigieg Pete campaign from November 2019 to March 2020. Biden considered Raj for the position addressing her extraordinary performance during Buttigieg’s campaigns.

Raj’s Educational Background

Medha Raj pursued her MBA degree from Stanford University in 2019 and a graduate degree in international politics from Georgetown University. Raj has an outstanding career amalgamating politics as well as digital advertising. She worked as a consultant at Deloitte, a research assistant for Real Institute Alcano in Spain, the Investment team at Higher Ground Labs and in the strategy team of Flippable organization. Medha contributed in 2018 campaign of Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Indian-Origin Participation in the White Office

In the past decade, the participation of Indian-Americans is on the rise. India and the USA share a positive national relation and hence, the future for Indians in the U.S office seems constructive in the coming years as well. Joe Biden, 77-year-old, made a historic decision of ranking Medha Raj as the head of his digital campaign.

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