The invisible catastrophic calamity of coronavirus to the year 2020 has had an unprecedented closure in the entire globe. An alarming number with 445,535 deaths due to COVID-19 leaving many families distressed and anxious due to losing loved ones. The pandemic demanded smart, quick, and studied actions to curb the spread of the virus. The virus emerged in China’s Wuhan and yet is a controversial debate across the world. People have transmitted the virus with overseas travel and countries have been taking several precautionary steps to curb the spread.

About 213 countries are critically affected by people expecting help from their country leaders and governments precisely for medical aid. However, many leaders have miserably failed to save their countrymen, but on the contrary, some countries have exhibited an extravagant response to the virus. One such country is New Zealand under the leadership of Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden. The country reported its first case on February 28th, 2020. After 3 months, New Zealand has a count as low as 1,154 confirmed cases with an unfortunate 22 deaths.

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The country is making news worldwide while it gears to head back to its flourishing normalcy with no new record of cases for 48 hours straight. The government devised a four staged plan to gradually exit from the lockdown. With a population of over 5 million, it was quite a task to retain the spread of the virus and PM Arden performed with extreme care and precaution towards the citizens. Her approach was applauded all over the world with tremendous appreciation from fellow prime ministers.

How did New Zealand contain the spread?

PM Arden announced a countrywide lockdown on March 25th, following which all the citizens were confined to their homes. Only essential shopping while maintaining social distancing was a compulsion along with masks and gloves. Well, most of the countries followed the exact protocol so how did New Zealand eradicate the virus? The country approached the virus with a kind perspective. Jacinda requested an acknowledging approach towards all the frontline warriors and the suffering patients. As a result, the war against corona was a high-spirited yet kind one.

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PM Jacinda Arden led the country with a dynamic yet smart approach. She addressed the nation and media regularly and updated the citizens personally. Each New Zealander tuned into her live conversations every day at 1 pm. Her interaction and explanation with facts and reasons made it easy for the citizens to accept the lockdown.

They ramped up their testing to 8,000 tests per day which is the highest testing rate per capita in the entire world. The country tested over 295,000 people and plans to keep testing until a vaccine is produced. The country religiously followed the pandemic guidelines provided by WHO (World Health Organization). The approach of identify, trace, test and isolate  with proper assistance and facilities was New Zealand’s plan. The doctors were provided with the necessary adequate PPE kits and hence, the virus could not spread easily. Strong will-powered strategies with significant execution and citizen interaction were the key to New Zealand’s success over COVID-19.

Who is Jacinda Arden?

Jacinda Arden is the third female prime minister of New Zealand. She was born to a police officer and catering assistant in the year 1980. Belonging to a modest and humble background, the social issues faced by humans astounded her. At 18, she was introduced to politics and thought of it as the only way to be helpful to the social problems. Hence, she joined the Labour Party and stepped into the world of politics. She started campaigning for her elections and graduated with a politics and public relations degree.

While her reign of working with different leaders she defied all traditional norms and received recognition across the country. At the age of 37, she was the youngest prime minister globally. During her power, she continued to surprise the world by her unapologetic approach. She gave birth to her child while in power. Furthermore,  she was also accompanied by her baby to the General Assembly of UN, New York.

She is an example of women empowerment and the right leadership in times of crisis and otherwise. Breaking all the stereotypes PM Jacinda Arden has proved that women can be better leaders and perform with an exceptional skill set.

Who are the women leaders to eliminate the virus?

Angela Merkel led Germany reported noticeably fewer cases and deaths than Britain, France, and Italy. Finland also emerged victorious against COVID-19 with fewer cases and less than a 10% death rate under the guidance and leadership of Sanna Marin. Furthermore, Sanna Marin leads the country with a coalition of four female-led parties in Finland.

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The pandemic has shed light on the underlying facts of women being better leaders in times of crisis. Earning respect and recognition, these international female leaders are paving the path for future generations of women to follow the lead. 

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