Nikita Vora, Creating An Exceptional Platform For Entrepreneurs With SMM Unleashed

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Living a Life of Vision and Purpose.

Leading with innovation and perception, Nikita Vora is surfacing an inspirational pathway for entrepreneurs. Her powerful and astonishing personality portrays her expert experience in the field of digital marketing. After recognizing the potential to empower budding businesses through social media marketing, she manifested the idea of SMM Unleashed.

Nikita Vora also aims to assist 10,000 women entrepreneurs to build their businesses. Her vision is inspirational yet a creative way to reach to women who are deprived of the right resources.

The BizZing team got a chance to meet Nikita for a chat to discuss her entrepreneurial journey. Here is a crux of the interview

eBiz: How did you start SMM Unleashed?

Nikita: From the beginning, I have always been passionate about the Digital Marketing field. I have been a digital marketer and friends and family members were always requesting me to help them promote their business/enterprise. These assignments were a success and slowly I gained the confidence to venture as an entrepreneur in this field. Hence decided to start my own company. 

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eBiz: Why did you choose digital marketing as a tool for women empowerment?

Nikita: Women always prioritize themselves or their business last! First is their family, then the house and last their own ambitions. We women are always busy and hence I thought if a woman has access to automation or digital media platforms it will be great. Digital media gives flexibility where women can be entrepreneurs and also manage the home. Thus, it helps them strike a balance successfully without any compromise. 

eBiz: Why did you feel the need for a business supporting women entrepreneurs?

Nikita: Nowadays, everyone wants to promote their business on digital platforms but the resources are limited. All the more women entrepreneurs have a lesser reach to these already limited resources. Hence, I thought why not let’s focus on building a platform to empower the established and budding women entrepreneurs.

eBiz: You have chosen a unique name for your company. What is the message SMM Unleashed giving away?

Nikita: Till a few years back people thought Digital Media Marketing is complicated and there were many myths surrounding this field. When we started SMM Unleashed our objective was to make digital/social media marketing accessible and easy for entrepreneurs. So, the company name was also coined keeping in mind this objective. SMM means Social Media Marketing, SMM Unleashed implies we explore this arena of this field without any limitations.

eBiz: Do you think the internet and online services are the future of the world?

Nikita: Definitely! We are already moving towards the AR experience and it is here to stay.

eBiz: How has your early life impacted your entrepreneurial journey?

Nikita: I was born in a Gujarati family and being an entrepreneur was always my passion. My dad never stopped me from doing anything just because I am a girl, he never differentiated between boys and girls. I played cricket, rode bikes and also travelled in small-town state transport. For pocket money, we never got it easy. My dad used to give us anything which came handy to him and asked us to sell the same to relatives/friends. Whatever money we earned from selling became our pocket money. At that time these seemed like tough lessons, but today whatever I am I owe the same to these practical lessons which were taught by my father. 

eBiz: You have pursued an MBA in Germany, what are the differences you noticed in women entrepreneurs overseas and in India?

Nikita: The common thing which I observed is a struggle! Whether in India or abroad women entrepreneurs face a lot of struggle in all areas of business. But abroad there is a clarity of vision amongst the women entrepreneurs. They are more aware of what they want and of course, the availability of resources is more abroad than in India.

eBiz: Tell us about your mission about helping 10000 women entrepreneurs.

Nikita: My vision of helping 10000 women entrepreneurs stemmed from the fact that in India women entrepreneurs still do not have the reach to resources. My aim is to help them get on the right path with the right business resources. I want to help them not only get resources but also establish themselves on business platforms.

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eBiz: What were the obstacles you faced while establishing your company and sailing towards your mission?

Nikita: Well, I will not say obstacles but yes I have learnt a lot in my journey. The society and business fraternity in India is still apprehensive to acknowledge a woman entrepreneur. A woman entrepreneur does not have easy access to business or marketing resources, they still have to face the preconceived notions of society. They are bullied and there is gender discrimination. Though there are few women entrepreneurs who have established themselves and are successful we still have a long way to go in recognizing the power of women entrepreneurship. 

eBiz: What do you want to suggest the upcoming women entrepreneurs in our country?

Nikita: Be guilt-free and keep a clear vision. Yes, do not be guilty of choosing to be an entrepreneur. A clear vision helps you chalk out your strategies and also helps in striking a balance. Another most important thing is being an effective people manager. To ensure your enterprise runs smoothly you need to be in sync with your team. 

eBiz: What changes do you wish to witness in the entrepreneurial sector?

Nikita: Well, every sector has its own advantages and disadvantages. But, a common factor in all successful entrepreneurs I believe is planning. Plan your strategies well and keep them ready before you venture to do any new project. A well-planned strategy and plan is the key to entrepreneurial success.

eBiz: Tell us about your future plans for the company. 

Nikita: My aim has been to provide digital marketing easily to entrepreneurs and help to deliver quality projects through our company. In future, I would like to see SMM Unleashed as a preferred platform of entrepreneurs for all digital marketing activities.

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Tell us more about yourself.

What is your favourite cuisine?

Gujarati and Lebanese

What are the activities you indulge in your free time?

Painting and movie (big movie buff)

Do you love travelling? What is your favourite destination? –

Yes, travelling and luxury. Any place rated 5 stars.

Who are your favourite sports and cinema stars?

Not a sports person! Hero – SRK, Ayushman and Irfan.

After a long hectic day, what is your idea of relaxation?

Movie and junk food!

Do you like music? What genres do you prefer?

Love music but it purely depends on the mood.

What pet would you have, if given a chance?

Dog! Had one!

What is your favourite quote?

If you want to learn something read about it. if want to understand something write about it. if want to master something, teach it.