Alexa is a new friend everyone has! The youth, as well as the older generation, has got a new friend in Alexa launched by Amazon in November 2014. The idea of virtual assistants started back in 1994 by IBM (International Business Machines) by the name Simon. In 1994, Simon was known as a Personal Communicator and not a virtual assistant. Decades later with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, Apple IOS launched Siri as the first virtual assistant of history. Well, now you can get all your pandemic doubts cleared with Alexa.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a direct communicator and advisor each user has access to. The most prevailing examples are Siri, Alexa and Ok Google. No one would be surprised if these applications become the most used applications in the coming times. Using a virtual assistant can schedule your occasional or day-to-day events with just a fingertip. You can set goals, schedule meetings, write a to-do list, etc and your assistant will help you achieve them with step-by-step guidance.

How does the Application help people?

Virtual Assistants have helped people of all the ages. Students learning in schools and universities always refer to the internet for various reasons. With the use of the assistants, one must only talk to your assistant and it gives a focused result. This saves time and energy to a large extent. Moreover, amidst the lockdown, you can get your pandemic doubts cleared with Alexa.

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The working people are now able to schedule their meetings, deadlines and social events easily. The assistant reminds them well before time and makes sure they do not miss any of the events. The older people have used this for their leisure time, they can play any music without having to type on the phone. Also, assistants provide information according to the demand of the user.

This shows that virtual assistants have brought a wave of change and relief amongst the citizens across the world. With years of progress, virtual assistants have played an important role in the digital and technological economy.

Role of Virtual Assistants Amidst Pandemic Lockdown

Well, the question still stands how the virtual assistants will help us in the COVID-19 pandemic we are suffering. The death toll has risen to nearly two lakh deaths. Undoubtedly, the pandemic shows no signs of backing off. The world is under extraordinary crisis, Alexa has taken steps to reach out to people in creative yet informative ways.

Without a doubt, Alexa has taken all the measures to answer questions related to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. Well, let’s take a look at the things Alexa is answering without people tuning into news for the updates.

The Questions Alexa Answers

Let us know the pandemic doubts cleared with Alexa.

What is COVID-19?

Some of the customers asked Alexa about the virus, its birth and how it spread across the entire globe. To their surprise, Alexa gave the most immaculate answers and enlightened people with points they might have missed in this war against the virus.

The number of infected people or deaths in a specific area or around the world was a serious doubt to people sitting at home. However, Alexa gives the exact numbers of infected people in a specific area or around the world according to what the person has asked. Well not once did the numbers go wrong.

You can believe the explanation about pandemic doubts with Alexa.

Economy Crisis amidst Pandemic Lockdown

Alexa performs the task of passing information to people to curb the chaos and panic to stop further problems. The world’s economy has hit at a global level. All the sectors are victims of severe issues. Furthermore, all the doubts about each sector are cleared with explanations via Alexa.

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Amazon Latest News

While the WHO (World Health Organization) and the country’s respective governments are implementing laws to curb the spread the COVID-19. The information given by Alexa responsibly clears all the doubts of the citizens according to different issues.

Smart Information

Many people have confusion regarding quarantine, isolation and many terms that have come to light in unforeseen situations. Alexa smartly informs people, the difference between these terminologies.


People infected with the novel coronavirus are under complete isolation in hospital wards.


People with suspicion of close contact with the patients are quarantined at home or in severe conditions at hospitals.

Self Isolation

People staying back at home to avoid the infection or becoming carriers of infection is primarily termed self- isolation.

All the pandemic doubts are carefully cleared with Alexa!

Why was this necessary?

In the era of digital information, the chances of false and curated information spread for personal or communal advantages has seen a rise. In the situation of a global emergency, Alexa has taken a step to curb misinformation and protect people from undefined panic and stress.

Moreover, Alexa has helped people all these past years and still vows to do the same amid the pandemic. The main aim of Alexa is to keep people informed and avoid unnecessary disturbances due to lack of factual or validated information.

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This way Alexa is playing vital role amidst the dangerous situation of world history. Now clear all your pandemic doubts with Alexa.  The world will recover and emerge stronger, healthier and better. Till then, Stay Home Stay Safe.

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