Since businesses have made their presence online, the exchange of information/services through e-commerce is an essential perk gifted by the internet to the global world. The internet has equalized business models for the experienced and for the newbies. Online Business Ideas give you democratic freedom of being an entrepreneur.

One can put an idea to work with absolutely no capital; that’s the power of online businesses. Modern age entrepreneurs prefer making money on the internet than a 9-5 desk job. The increase in demand and supply of online business validates the statement.

Online business ideas make you the boss of your own work. You can work from any part, at any time, according to your schedule and deadlines. Without any investment, you can set up a tool or service needed in the market and get rolling.

However, anybody with a computer or a laptop can be the next big thing on the internet. So what not you? Why not now?

Top 5 Online Business Ideas of 2020

A lot of online business ideas give solutions to no-money e-commerce ideas. Here’s a list of online business ideas you can get your hands on without any experience or money:

Social Media Influencer

When making a decision or a choice, we are always in need of expert suggestions. Be it buying a dress, watching a movie, trying a new dish at a new place, etc. this is where the social media influencers play their part. Certainly, in the maturing era of social media, we tend to tune into the expert advice of these influencers.

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How to become one of them?

  • Find your space.
  • Study your target audience.
  • Optimize your social media profiles.
  • Package your content.
  • Be consistent with your content.
  • Grow a network with business.
  • Engage your followers.
  • Keep brand collaborations open.
  • Stay updated.

After a certain time, you can make humungous money with the brand collaborations, events and also will be paid for per post on the social media platforms.

Affiliate Marketer

Marketing and spreading information online about a product or a company and earning commission on sales is the basic idea of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing follows the process of attracting and convincing potential customers to buy the product, idea, service by forming the needed setup. You can work for any company without actually being present in the company according to your lease and interest.

Steps to be an affiliate marketer:

  • Be clear about the type of products and companies you want to work with.
  • Be aware of various affiliate programs.
  • Build a strong site.
  • Excellent content for people to reach out to.
  • Build a good network.

With every passing year, affiliate marketing proves to one of the best online business ideas. This is something creative heads can get their hands on and earn good bucks for the same.

Virtual Assistant

If you are someone who wants to work independently and be self-employed but doesn’t have the capital for a start-up, this is the best online business idea for you. Giving administrative services, technical services, etc. for clients from home is what a virtual assistant does.

Virtual assistants are in demand as there has been a sudden emerge of entrepreneurs and their startups. At the initial stage, startups need help but cannot bring many people on board due to the budget fixation. Virtual assistants are a boon to these start-up companies.

Things Virtual Assistants should keep in mind:

  • Stick to one business structure
  • Choose the services you will provide
  • Decide appropriate prices.
  • Launch your website.
  • Look for interested people, start pitching.
  • Make a good online presence.

Following these guidelines, you’ll become a virtual assistant to count on. Grabbing on the opportunity of being a VA will help you bridge the gap between lacking necessary services and companies.

Vlogger or Youtuber

Vlogging is a way of taking people through a tour in the form of videos and giving detailed information about the topic they are searching for. There are various kinds of vloggers i.e. food vloggers, travel vloggers, sports vloggers, etc. With proper use of camera and editing, one can display their content and also educate people through the same.

A number of brands collaborate with vloggers to give out proper information and use of products, which is not possible through commercials. Vlogging is certainly an online business idea to look out for. Vlogging is the next big thing on the list of online business ideas.

Some points to look out for:

  • Good camera work.
  • Detailed but crisp information.
  • Clear voiceover/narration.
  • Clarity of videos

Keeping these guidelines in mind, get the vlogs viral.

E-commerce store

The online stores have simplified the work of the buyers as well as the sellers. E-commerce has nullified the paperwork and gives extraordinary services to their customers. All the leading stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Shien, etc. have created a buzz in the world.Similarly, various shopping pages across platforms like Instagram and Facebook have seen pretty good growth.

If you have any product worth selling or you hold the skills to build a strong e-commerce store for an existing firm, than this is your time. Moreover, online stores have proved to be the best startups without any capital. With everything in our lives being digitalized, lets put our ideas online to reach out to people and earn the best from it.

The Needs of an E-commerce Store:

  • Choose your product.
  • Make a layout and plan for your store.
  • Buy the perfect domain and name.
  • Choose the payment processes.
  • SSL certification

E-commerce is currently shaping its future and stands to be the best online business idea one should invest time in.


With the right approach and investment of time, these online business ideas can prove a boon to your life. If you are working and need an extra income source, you can bag a good amount of money with these ideas. Finally, if you want to start a new career, this is it. Let one of these online business ideas bring success to your life!

All the best!

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