5 Best Ways to Build Your Online Presence Now

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A business without an online presence is like a cake with no sugar. Will that cake sell? No. Just like your business will not if it does not have an online presence. Today the market is competitive and shrewd but half the market is also online. It does not matter what you sell or how good your products and services are. If your business is not online then it will be invisible and as a result, it will get cut out. It is true that setting up an online presence can be time-consuming and may seem daunting. Will it seem as difficult if you knew where to start? So do not worry, we have got your back. Here are a few simple ways to build an online presence without any hassles. Let us get started.

What is an Online Presence?

An online presence of a business is the existence of the business in reality and virtually. The business exists online as well as in real life. An online presence is the existence of businesses that can be found through an online search.Ts is all the profiles that you have created for yourself. It can be equated with an aspiring actor having a social media presence or young entrepreneurs seeking jobs having a LinkedIn profile. If you want your target audience to know that you exist, get online.

How to Set Up an Online Presence?

Here are some steps you can follow to build your online presence.

Social Media Marketing

This is a simple rule of thumb nowadays. Everyone is on social media platforms. It will not be wrong to assume that the audience that you are aiming to target is on social media. The plan here is to understand how they are using these social media platforms and how that can be used to serve them better with your products and services. Target all the important social media platforms. Create profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. That should be your first platform.

The next target should websites like WordPress and Tumblr. After that, the popular social networking platforms should be aware of your business. You will be surprised by what Instagram and Pinterest can do for you.

Online Advertising

Advertising can multiply your sales in double digits before you can calculate the cost of advertising. Statistics show that more than half of online sales are due to advertisements. There are multiple types of advertisements online that you can opt for. Pay per click advertisements is very effective. Aim your advertisements to also raise awareness about your products and services not just to sell. This might not make a sale at the moment but it will prove beneficial in the future.


Display these advertisements on as many platforms as you can statistically afford. Instagram and platforms like it also displays advertisements that do attract attention. Test how your ads are performing then revise and test again. Aim to achieve maximum benefits form them and keep at it until you do.

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Email Marketing

Develop an engaging email list. You will need to employ an email service provider to enable this tool to increase your online presence. Use this to provide promotional information, advantages of choosing your company over others, new products and services or asking for feedback. Use this to ensure your consumer knows they can reach you at all time and that you are listening.

This is not limited to this platform. Even on your social media platforms let them know that you are listening. It is also important to learn when to send emails and when not to. Do not send too many emails such that the consumer gets irritated or starts to take you for granted. This can cause a reverse effect of what is desired.

Organize and Optimise SEO :

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search engine optimization. This tool is to make sure that when someone makes a google search related to your domain, your content is at the top of the list. This is focused through keywords. Use keywords optimization in your content. The more accurate your SEO is the better chances of your link being at the top google search. It is a fact that nobody goes beyond the first page of a google search result.

Make it easy to spot you. Do not let your content be clutter and confuse. SEO though is not limited to keywords. It should also contain NAP, name, address and phone number to be able to keep a track of you.

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Online Reviews

Consumers value nothing more than someone who listens and makes changes. In a life where everyone is constantly complaining if there is someone who values it and resolves the issue you will go miles with that consumer. It will help you build rapport and credibility with your consumers. Along with all this, online reviews will boost your SEO as well. Not to mention if you start taking reviews you might actually find suggestions to make things better for you. Ask all your consumers to review. Ask them to write without any hesitation.

It is important that you respond to all the reviews. This is so that the consumers know you are listening. The emphasis on responding to all your consumers cannot be enough. You have to respond to all your reviews, even the negative ones. The consumers will then acknowledge that you are open to suggestions and are aiming at making your product or services better.


We have supplemented you with the best five ways of improving your online presence. Do not wait anymore. If you are not online, you are not there at all. The world today runs online. Just think, if dating is online why should not your business be? It is imporatnt that you reach out to people. The best of doing that is to be online. This is also a tactic to get people to reach out to you and grow your business. So get going. Be online, be in. Happy creating your online presence!

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